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As soon as someone gets an iPad the first question is, ” What apps should I get? “.   Here is my list of must have apps to start out.  These are what I consider to be the ‘bare essentials’ to have on an iPad to cover just about all your therapy goals.  Please keep in mind I am in a K-5 setting, so most of these apps target those that age range, but there are some that are great for kids in middle school. jr. high.  So in no particular order ….


1. Articulate it!


This app is awesome! It is my go to when I target articulation. The new update with added homework pages is a definite bonus!


2. Language Adventures



This app is like a swiss army knife, so many things in one tiny package!  This app covers lots of those common goal areas like synonyms, antonyms, categories, inferencing, WH-questions, and multiple meanings.  There are 3 different levels of difficulty and it can be in a receptive or expressive format.


3. Language Empires


Again, another swiss army knife.  So many target areas in one fabulous app!  I like this app for my older students (  grades 3-5 ).   This app covers vocal, predicting, inferencing, sequencing, how questions, which questions, why questions, and figurative language.


4. Milo Sequencing



I love this app for working on sequencing with my little ones ( grades K-2 ).   This can be a hard area to target for them and this app has lots of familiar scenes and activity for them to put in order with child friendly visuals.


5. Reading Camp Comprehension


Listening comprehension is an area lots of kids struggle. This app has stories that are leveled using Flesch-Kincaid readability levels. Level 1 would be for 2-3 graders and Level 5 ( the highest level ) would be for 6-7 graders. In each level there are about 10 stories and each story has a quiz with 11 questions. The app can read the story to the students, which I loved,  and it helps to reinforce looking in the text for answers with the HINT button students can use when answering questions.


6. Let’s Be Social or Social Quest





These are your pragmatic apps. I recommend having at least one of these apps on your iPad to help target those social language goals.


7. Preposition Remix




Basic concepts are a common area to work on with little younger students. This app helps to target those concepts with out using stimulus cards or other items. It has been great when traveling to other buildings.


8. School of Multi-Step Directions


I work on following directions several times a day it seems. This app is creative and engaging. I really like the how the directions are delivered and how they incorporate common school items that my kids would be asked to use in their classrooms.

9. Real Vocabulary


With Common Core in full effect vocabulary has become even more critical to target. This app targets key vocabulary areas                 ( synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, idioms, and definitions ) while grouping words by grade levels. I love how each word  is supported with a picture.


So that’s it, 9 apps to get you started and tackle just about all your common goal areas.  I hope this helps if you are looking into getting an iPad or have maybe just gotten one and aren’t sure where to start.

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