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Data drives therapy but it doesn't have to drive you crazy. Search through my tips, ideas, and resources so data can become your BFF instead of a 4 letter word.

Tracking Vocabulary Data in Speech Therapy

You've determined your student needs to develop their vocabulary as part of their IEP ( if you're still working on that part then check out my post, How to Pick ...

All Assessments Are NOT Created Equal

Guest post by Dr. Lyndsey Zurawski Assessments Are NOT Equal. For most Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), completing an evaluation is a smaller part of the job. According to the 2020 ASHA ...

Using Google Forms for Data Collection in Speech Therapy

Teletherapy, distance learning, and remote learning are the new buzz words these days. Since in person speech therapy isn't possible right now, our profession has made a shift to the ...

Are your goals helpful or functional?

  I firmly believe that SLPs have some of the biggest and most compassionate hearts out there. That being said, our hearts can sometimes over-rule our heads when it comes ...

Are all of your goals written for 80% accuracy?

My name is Maureen and I used to write all of my goals for 80% accuracy. It was routine. A habit, and I couldn't stop! It was so automatic when ...

How to use the Language Processing Hierarchy

Language is my jam! Don't get me wrong I enjoy working on all other speechy things. Last year, I was doing some research for Language Goal List and stumbled across ...

Goal Getter

Speech Language Pathologist

A comprehensive course for school-based SLPs who want to easily write clear, functional, legally defensible goals without headaches or sacrificing time they don’t have. 

Goal Getter Speech Language Pathologist Course

“This is what I was missing going from grad school to the real world. Writing goals makes so much more sense now and my admin even complimented me on my goals and present levels at our last IEP meeting.”

-SLP after goal writing consultation session

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Language Rubrics: A Progress Monitoring and Data Tracking Tool

Social Language and Pragmatic Rubrics: Data Tracking and Progress Monitoring

Language Goal Target Lists

Speech Therapy Customizable Rubric BUNDLE

Ready to simplify your therapy planning and data collection process?

Managing your caseload doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Planning your sessions can be quick & easy. Finally feel confident and efficient with data collection. Swivel’s goal management cuts planning time and lets you get back to focusing on your students.

Meet Maureen

Hey there! I’m Maureen Wilson and I have been a school-based SLP for over a decade. I’m all about about helping other SLPs harness the power of literacy, language, and data to create meaning and effective therapy sessions.