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Speech Sounds

Looking for speech sound support? Here you will find ideas and activities to help keep your students engaged so they can get the repetitions and practice they need.

Tips for Teaching Multi-Syllabic Words

Multi-syllabic words can be a tricky task for some students to take on. Distinguishing the break in words with three or four syllables can best be taught by visually separating ...

Quick Tricks for R

When it comes to speech therapy, I'm mainly and language kinda gal. Artic and phono are ok, but once you toss /r/ into the mix...?. There are of tricks and ...

Providing Feedback in Speech Therapy

Shifting your language from words that have a heavy correlation to the negative can have a positive impact on everyone. ...

Are all of your goals written for 80% accuracy?

My name is Maureen and I used to write all of my goals for 80% accuracy. It was routine. A habit, and I couldn't stop! It was so automatic when ...

Articulation Intervention: How to make it work

Articulation intervention can seem like a jumble, but it doesn't have to be. The key is being organized before you even start. When I do intervention I am focusing on ...

What is Throat Scope?

Have you heard of these things called Throat Scopes? No? Well then, my friend — prepare to be wowed! Yes, wowed by something that you use to look in someone's ...

Free Dynamic Assessment Mini Course

Dynamic Assessment Mini Course

Get the basics you need to administer and analyze Dynamic Assessments in a school setting.  Dynamic Assessments are great for:

  • Assessing student’s language learning
  • Assessing student’s with multi-lingual backgrounds
  • Getting practical information to make confident decisions on eligibility and goals

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Multisyllabic Drill and Data Set

Dot It Out! Articulation

One Month Articulation Drill Sheets

No Prep Articulation

Hidden Gem Articulation and Language

Eye Spy Articulation and Language

Spell It Out: Speech and Language

Booboo Buddy Articulation and Language

Meet Maureen

Hey there! I’m Maureen Wilson and I have been a school-based SLP for over a decade. I’m all about about helping other SLPs harness the power of literacy, language, and data to create meaning and effective therapy sessions.