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Technology can be intimidating but not matter your comfort level, you'll find some ideas here to help to you integrate tech into your speech room.

Tracking Vocabulary Data in Speech Therapy

You've determined your student needs to develop their vocabulary as part of their IEP ( if you're still working on that part then check out my post, How to Pick ...

Magic Mirror/Green Screen Activity for Google Meet

Recently, I saw someone post this amazing activity where they used Zoom's Virtual Background feature and a green peice of paper on a magnifying glass to create a Magic Mirror ...

Chrome Extensions for SLPs

So let's just jump into this. If you are using Google Meets for teletherapy then you have probably noticed some differences compared to other platforms. Things like easy annotation, screen ...
how to give screen control in Google meet

Google Meets for Speech Therapy: How To Give Screen Control

Can't figure out how to give screen control in Google meet during your speech therapy sessions? I will take you through step by step on how to give screen control ...

Using Google Forms for Data Collection in Speech Therapy

Teletherapy, distance learning, and remote learning are the new buzz words these days. Since in person speech therapy isn't possible right now, our profession has made a shift to the ...

How to save individual PDF pages for speech therapy

Things have changed fast thanks to COVID-19. SLPs continue to do what we SLPs do best, roll with it. This means putting together packets for families, assigning digital materials to ...

Ready to simplify your therapy planning and data collection process?

Managing your caseload doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Planning your sessions can be quick & easy. Finally feel confident and efficient with data collection. Swivel’s goal management cuts planning time and lets you get back to focusing on your students.

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