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I love my Magical Speech Room last year, but this year I wanted to do something new!   I was looking around saw this awesome Scrabble boarder at the teacher store and knew I had to use it!  So this year in speech, we’re getting wordy!

photo 4


photo 5
I made my own bulletin on the space outside my door so I could put my Inferencing for a Year up 🙂

The inside has the same wordy theme 🙂 I found the Scrabble letters at Hobby Lobby.  They ran out of Es so I use some Scrabble letter clipart I bought and made one.   I made the banner for my desk using powerpoint.

photo 7

photo 8


This year ‘I Can’ statements became requirements for all rooms. So I used my Therapy Objective Binder pages from the Queen’s Speech and posted them for all to see 🙂

photo 2

I dressed up my desk this year too! I love how it turned out, so much more fun than wood vinyl.  You can read how I did it HERE.

photo 1

If we take a peek next to my desk we will see a cuddly little friend. This is Cloud and those colorful little guys are Kimochis!  This is the start of my Kimochi Korner ( see how cool I made it by using a ‘k’ for corner, my kids will be so impressed I’m sure ).  These are part of my social language and pragmatic therapy.

photo 10

As we venture over to the other side of the room I have posters from the  Magical Social Skills  packet I got from Super Power Speech.  I used them last year with my Magical Speech Room theme and loved them so much I put them back up this year.  You can also see my  new behavior system using a clip chart and speech therapy brag tags!  I am so pumped about using these this year 🙂 You can read more about those HERE if you want.

photo 11

Finally, behind my desk I have my sanity saving bins. I put my activities that I need for the day in the black bin and the white bin has my social language and pragmatic rubrics. This way I am not getting up to go into their files to mark progress every time.

photo 15

And one final picture to share, I promise. I made a QR code to put on my door for parents and faculty to scan and instantly have my contact information. I like to use  I just generate and print!

photo 14

So that is my room this year.  I hope you liked the tour.  I would love to see what your rooms look like, so feel free to share some pictures.  Have a great year!!!

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2 Responses

  1. Your room looks awesome! and it’s sooo big!!
    I have my own room, but it’s a fraction of the size compared to yours!!
    I don’t have a theme like that; there isn’t the wall space really. I’ve just got nice white boxes and magazine files to help me organise things, and I’ve made them look cute with washi tape! It’s a new room to me, so I think I’ll personalise it more as I settle in! (definitely need to get some nice bunting!)

    I love your room; it’s given me some awesome ideas for displays we can put up in school!


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