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I hate to brag, but this is so cool!  It seems that everyone is always on the hunt for the next, best reinforcement system. I don’t know about you, but I have been through a few over the years: sticker charts, point systems, giant board games, etc.  The giant board game was my favorite and worked well with my kids but as they are getting older  they are not as enamored with it as they used to be. It became ‘expected’ that they would get a chance to roll the dice and move around the board for the possibility of a prize. It wasn’t a bad system, I just wanted to try something new.  If this is a system you would like to try I have a free version at my store HERE.


Then there is the second part, prizes. Even though I only went to the Dollar Store I would still be spending $50 or so.  I wanted to figure out how I could pull away from these trinkets but still motivate my kids. Now, while not all of my prizes were ‘things’ ( I had QR Code tickets for iPad time, sitting in my chair, and lunch with me) they were still the ‘it’ prizes. And I started to get a little tired of hearing, ” This is it? “.

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Sooooo this year no board game, no trinkets. I am super excited to use a new Brag Tag system with my kids!  What are Brag Tags? Great question.  Brag tags are little tags students can receive for demonstrating and reinforcing wanted behavior.  They can also be given to reinforce carry over.  So, if a teacher mentions to me that the student did a great job being fluent during social studies, I can reward them for that with something that can be shown off.  With so many options for tags ( there are 14 in my packet ) the reinforcement can be behavior specific and individualized for each student!

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Brag Tags can be used by themselves or in conjunction with another behavior system, like a clip chart. I am taking this approach.  I got this adorable clip chart that uses idioms from For His Glory. Clip charts are a simple, yet effective way for students to monitor and promote behavior. Everyone starts on green ( ready to learn ) and can move up for great behavior or down for unwanted behavior. The nice thing is, a student can move back to green even though they may have had to move down for a bad choice or two.  It is a great way for kids to learn that even though they made a bad choice they can turn their day around.

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Sorry the picture is fuzzy


So this year, I have a new look for my reinforcement board!  I got the clip rings from Michael’s and just used thumb tacks to put them. These are easy for my little ones to open and put their tags on by themselves.  My Special Ed/Speech Therapy Brag Tags packets has 13 pre-made tags and 1 EDITABLE tag for you to customize!  I have included a description of each tag and why a student may receive that specific one. These are just guidelines, of course, make it your own!

Speech Brag Tags


For more info you can check out the video 🙂


To see a list of all the brag tags available in the set you can go to my store HERE.  Have you used brag tags before?

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11 Responses

  1. Fabulous idea! Question about using it with the behavior system. Do the earned brag tags stay in the speech room and they add on to them, or do they take it home with them to “brag”?

    1. I have my brag tags displayed by my door, so when it is open everyone can see them. When students earn a tag, I typically send parents a quick email and tell their teachers too. This helps to spread the positive praise : ) I liked the kids take their tags home at the end of the year if they want.

  2. I absolutely want to try this fabulous idea! I have used a giant, interactive board game and although we all love the Mario Bros. Theme, I think we all need a change! So question, does each student have a spot where they hang their brag tags?

    1. Yes, each student has their own spot. I just use labels and write their names on them. Then the next year I just put a new label over it if I need to.

      1. Unfortunately the Brag Tag term has been trademarked as several people ( including myself ) were requested to remove our brag tag products

  3. I want to use this system and I am brand new to the school setting. Do they earn a tag every session? I’m struggling with how to actually implement this.

    1. Hi Jamie,
      No, they don’t earn one each session, that is what keeps them so highly valued. I give them out when they have a great day.

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