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School of Multi-Step Directions is a new app from Virtual Speech Center.  This fun app has a school theme that will have your kids following directions in some of their favorite classes.


 You can customize the settings of this app by tapping the Settings button. This allows you to manage the audio settings such as sounds for correct and and incorrect responses, background noise, and the volume of the background noise. I liked that aspect a lot because sometimes my younger friends can get distracted by the background noise when they are playing. You can also control the number of questions before the student is rewarded with a game of Ping Pong.


Once your settings are to your liking, tap Start. This will take you to the Student and Class Selection page. You can enter in new students here, as well as, choose which class setting you want to play in. You can choose from English, Math, or Chemistry.  Adding a student is easy, just tap ‘add student’ and enter their name. That’s it, quick and easy.


Once you have entered your student and chosen your setting you can choose which type of directions you want to work on. Just tap the directions that your student needs to target and click next.



Your students will be asked to perform different actions depending on the class they are in.


In English and Math, they may be asked to underline ( the pencil ), cross out ( the X ), highlight ( the green highlighter ),  erase ( the eraser ), or simply tap.  To perform the action they drag the correct item to the directed object. They have to hold it over the object for the action to be completed.  When the action is done, the item will return itself to its place. This may be a hard adjustment for those kids who are a bit impulsive since it will require them to wait for a second or two.


In the Chemistry room younger students may need some prep on the items. There is a blue flask which some students may not know be familiar with yet.  The actions at the bottom are different as well. There are temperate controls ( hot and cold ), a spoon for mixing, and a blue hand for shaking. There are also items on a shelf that students may be asked to add: water, salt, an ice cube, food coloring, and soap.

**After you perform the directed actions tap Go and you will hear a sound indicating if the answer is correct or not.  You have to tap Go to log your response, tapping next will only give you a new set of directions.


After students answer X amount of questions correctly, this can be preset by you in Settings, they may play a short game of Ping Pong.


When you’re done you can see student results by tapping View Report. This will show you their percentage of accuracy.


You can add this app to your speech room by visiting iTunes for $18.99.



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