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Another TpT sale has come and gone and I’m setting a date with my printer and laminator.   After the sale I was gabbing about all my new goodies with a friend who asked an interesting question… ‘Why do you keep buying stuff from TpT?’ She was curious why I continued to purchase materials when I make so many of my own. It was an interesting question and I wanted to share my reasons with you.


1. Convenience

Let’s face it, you can’t beat logging onto the computer and just downloading an activity to use. Even with printing, laminating, and maybe cutting, the time it takes to get something ready to use is a snap compared to ordering something from a company.   If the item is No Prep it’s even better, I can have things ready to go in seconds!

2. Its Specific

TpT has such a range of materials from that cover general topics to super specific areas. A lot companies have materials that lean towards the more general, which is fine, I have quite a few of them. Sometimes though, I need something that really gets specific. Since I am not the only person who has the issue, creators on TpT have made lots of specific activities for me to choose from.

3. Price

I am going to share something with you, I am a cheap frugual person! I will look on several sites or different stores for the same item just to see if I can save some $$. The prices on TpT just can’t be beat by the big companies. Not to say those companies don’t have quality products, it’s just that I can get a similar activity that targets the same area for a fraction of the price!

4. Stuff gets old

Has this ever happened to you? You have an activity out and ready to go. Your students come in the room and say “ Are we doing this again?”    Yup, that’s happened to me.   You can only use the same materials so much until the kids get bored. Bored kids = low motivation and engagement = decreased participation and practice. See where this is going? There are new materials being added to TpT everyday! This also goes back to the price aspect, but if I can get say 3 new materials, and I can use each one to target 2 different goals and spend under $10, I count that as money well spent.   This means I can get new stuff and recycle older activities while not breaking the bank and keeping my kids interested.

5. The Wheel Doesn’t Need to be Re-Invented

True, I make a lot of my own materials. However, if I see something that is going to engage my kids and looks like fun, or make my day easier, I am not going to spend hours trying to re-create it. Number one, it’s illegal. Number two,


Our time… yours, mine, everyone’s, is precious and important. We work, have families, hobbies, etc. I would prefer to spend my time with my family, creating new materials for my students, or working on blog posts than re-making something that someone has already done so well.

So as much as I make, I will always look to TpT for materials and activities.

Why do you love TpT?



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8 Responses

  1. I do not make materials, but I agree with what you’ve said in this post about why TpT is so great! When I first discovered TpT, I was really trying to just stick to freebies and have found some amazing freebie activities. But once I started buying stuff, I was hooked! Sometimes I think I may go broke on this site. 🙂 TpT gift certificate? Yes, please!! I have been amazed at the creativity of those who make activities (I feel that any creativity I have is a very long process.) and I’m thankful that you all share your goodies with the rest of us! It’s so nice to be able to type in specific targets and lots of activities pop up and they are all unique! I have found a lot of these activities to be just as motivating, and some a lot more, than products that cost so much more. Those products are great, but it’s so nice to spend just a few dollars when you need something specific. Thank you all for making and sharing!!!

  2. I totally agree!! Although i make all resources for class, and to sell on TpT i often stumble across something that I would never have thought to make/use to so i will purchase it! Teachers have so many different ideas, some that others would never think of so it’s great to purchase from each other and learn! Plus it means i’m supporting other teachers instead of some large random company!

  3. I buy all the time! I love having seasonal activities and another tidbit that many may not consider is that your school budget might pay for TpT products, mine does. And if not, it can be used as a tax deduction. Thanks for the post Maureen.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. The variety of ideas and resources keeps not only the kids engaged, but me too! I just love it when my kids get excited to use a fresh, new activity. Lisette from Speech Sprouts

  5. Agreed! A colleague recently said, “I just want it all done for me!” I replied, “Go to TpT!” She said, “There’s a place like that, that really exists?” True story!

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