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I was so happy with how my No Prep Categories turned out I decided to keep going with the No Prep theme.  I thought a few no prep artic sheets would be super helpful. Well, a few sheets, turned into a 70 page pack!  It is all black and white to save that precious color ink and you can use them to target other goals when you’re done.


This pack has 6 worksheets ( 2 for each position: initial, medial, and final ) per sound and targets the following sounds: t,d,k,g,s,l, r, j, th, sh, ch.  The first page has a few activities on it.  First, students can say the name of the picture in the box, or repeat the name, and then color it in.  Then, they can answer the 3 WH-questions on the page. Students can write, or if they are younger, they can cut out and glue the picture that is the correct answer. Finally, they can play the spinner game.  Take a pencil and a paper clip to make your own quick spinner.  Have students spin the paperclip and say the word they land on.  Once they are done with a word, they can color in the section! When you’re done you have a very pretty page 😉

This is an example from my No Prep Categories packet
This is an example from my No Prep Categories packet

On these pages there are sooo many chances for repetition and practice.  You can have over 90 productions just with this worksheet!


The next type of sheet is a great homework sheet or for extra practice.  Students find a picture and say its name at least 5 times.  After the students say the picture’s name, they can color it in or dot it with a paint dobber.

Slide4 When you’re done with the pages, don’t just throw them away! You can use them again to go over artic skills, name the categories the items are in, describe the items, or state associations.  I just love it when activities are multi-functional.

You can download this activity at my TpT store.

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  1. Maureen – you are amazing. This packet looks incredible, I can’t wait to download it. I hang off every word that you write in your blog and I thought it was about time that I let you know so that I’m not just a silent reader. I have recently started blogging so I learn a lot from your content, thank you!

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