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I’ve been working on categorizing a lot lately and let’s face it, you can only play the same games so many times before you get bored.  So, I needed something new.  I wanted to be able to use it right away too, so no prep seemed like the way to go. Well, let me tell you I am hooked on no prep now!


No Prep Categories has 3 different activities to work on categorizing in two ways: naming items in a category and naming categories based on items. The first type of worksheets are kind of all in one.  Students have to follow the directions and color the items in each group a certain color. Then, students need to state what group all the same colored items are in.  I also added a game wheel. Just use a pencil and paper clip to make a spinner!  I like the idea of sending this section home for some speech homework.  Students need to state three items that would be in the category they land on. My kids have been wanting to color in the sections that they complete. I think it looks pretty nice when it’s done.



Next, there are the gumball machines.  There are two versions: one has categories in the gumballs and the other has three items in each gumball. A lot of my kids having been asking to use the paint dobbers to color them in. I think they turned out awesome!




Finally, we have a board game. Students land on a picture and state either what category it is in or other items that would be in its category. It could also be used for describing. I just love it when things do double duty!


Again, the best part of this new packet to me is that you can just print and go! No laminating, no cutting.  So if you are looking for something new and are short on time you may want to check this new activity out. You can find it in my TpT store.

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