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So I have been trying to think of something extra to add to my therapy to get my kids a bit more excited. Of course I get this idea at the end of the year, but better late than never, right?  One of my favorite games to use with my kids allows them to get game pieces by using long spoons with suction cups. They LOVE to use these spoons, it just adds that extra bit of fun to a regular speech session. I also let them use the spoons to pick up the cards that come my the speech games from TpT, they always think it is the coolest way to play. I do have some rules with them though.  They can only use the spoons to get a card, if they use it for anything else ( swatting at someone or having a sword fight ) they are not allowed to use them anymore for that day. Thankfully I have only had to enforce this rule once.

Well since getting a card with your hand is just so last week, I wanted to find a way to share this idea with all of you.  I did some brainstorming and … introducing Sticky Sticks!

What you will need: Paint stir sticks ( I got these for free at the hardware store )
                                 Suctions cups ( found in the craft aisle at Walmart )
                                 Super glue but you could also use a hot glue gun ( found in my junk drawer at   
                                                                                                                  home )
                                 Cool duct tape, paint, or any type of decorative do-dads that you want 

I measured a piece of duct tape and laid it on the table, sticky side up of course.  Then I laid the paint stir on top of it and folded the sides over. Side 1 done!  The photo was of my first trial, and it was a little short. I just used another little piece to cover the portion that got missed.  The rest of  the tape pieces I measured were longer to cover the full stick. 

Next, remove the metal hooks from the suction cups, they will twist off. Add two to three drops of glue to the wood portion of the stick and add the suction cup. I needed to press it down for 30 seconds per the directions. 

I cut another strip of duct tape and cut it length wise and used it to fill in the space on the suction cup side. That is really just my thing, I didn’t like the exposed wood, you don’t have too.

                                                                      View of the top

That’s it! Whack away!

This is holding a 5×7 photo, so it is much heavier than my laminated TpT cards


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  1. Super cute! I have the game with the suction cup spoons too (and I have the kids use them to pick up their cards as well). I have a bunch of paint sticks, so I may be trying this over the weekend! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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