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You know me, I love a good sale!  So, I wanted to share a few of my new activities that you may want to snag and save some $$.  I am linking up with Jenna from Speech Room News to share what is on my wishlist and so you can see what other SLPs are excited to get.  Click on the image below to check it all out!


My new No Prep Articulation activity is something I am really thrilled with. After my No Prep Categories turned out so well, I had to keep the no prep theme going. It was supposed to be, just a few, no prep pages.  Well, 70 pages later, ha I am very happy with the outcome.  You can read more about it at my TpT store or in the blog post about it HERE.  This is great for grades K-3, but could work for Pre-K if you read some of the words to them and have them repeat.


I have also finished Context Clues in COLOR: Level 2!  Since there was already a level 1, it only made sense to bundle them up.  That means 40 worksheets, 2 levels, and 120 words for your kids to practice finding and using context clues using a color coding strategy! It should keep everyone busy for a while.  You can get both levels in the Context Clues in COLOR: Bundle.


Oh, and I just wanted to mention that I completed the 2nd Grade Vocabulary Survival Kit and added it to the Elementary Vocabulary Kit Bundle!


Now, here is what is on my wishlist.

1. Color by WH-Question for the entire year by Speech Time Fun

WH-questions for a year…enough said!


2. Speech Helpers Mini Book and Posters by Speech Room News

I have quite a few little ones who are working on smooth speech and this will be just perfect to help them understand their speech helpers.


3. Read and Sequence No Prep Packet by The Moffat Girls

I have some kiddos working on sequencing.  We are past sequencing steps using pictures, so I needed something more classroom applicable.  This will help target those listening comprehension goals and sequencing skills in one. You can’t beat that!


4. Parent Handouts Bundle by Speaking Freely SLP

I am having more and more parents ask questions about their child’s speech and language difficulties. I think this is awesome! So, when I stumbled upon these handouts I knew they would be great to have on hand for those parents who want to know more.


I, of course, have oodles of clipart to make all the activities I have taking up space in my planner. I hope I have shown you some new materials for your speech room.  Do you have any other activities on your wishlist that I should know about?

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