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Don’t you love it when one of your favorite companies comes out with something new? Me too! Social Thinking, the company that brought us the original Social Detective App, just came out with a next step: the Intermediate Social Detective App. For the sake of keeping things easy and concrete, I wanted to give you guys a quick rundown of my thoughts about this new member of the Social Thinking App family.

If you’d like to check out my full review of the Social Detective Beginner App click HERE.

social thinking intermediate social detective app logo

First, some basic information.

The Intermediate Social Detective App:

-Is intended for ages 7 and up.
-Is intended for use after social detective beginner.
– Expands on foundational concepts from the Social Detective Beginner App.
– Targets “smart guesses” — when you use all your tools to figure things out and then make an educated guess about the situation based on what we know.
– Uses 14 video clips and 42 questions to allow for practice of skills.
– Targets identifying character thought, smart guess, and making a plan.


My Take On the Intermediate Social Detective App

I have found that my students who did well with the beginner app also did well with the intermediate one as a ‘next step‘ in solidifying their understanding of flexible thinking concepts.

social thinking intermediate social detective app quiz image

One thing: the videos are a bit dated. However, it actually turned out to be an advantage because we could have discussions about people’s differences in style and what you can say and do when you encounter someone who may have a different style. *cough, middle school and high school, cough*.

You can watch this app preview to get a nice walk through of the app and see it in action.

Like what you see? You can download the app from the App Store.

A copy of the app was provided to me so that I could take it for a test drive to give you honest feedback.


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2 Responses

  1. I ordered this app – the beginner and the intermediate. I do not like them. The volume does not work – I can hear the music but not what any of the actors are saying. Also, the hallmark of the Social Detective is that your social tools are your EYES, EARS, and BRAIN….but in the song, it becomes EYES EARS and HEART.
    I was very disappointed. I contacted the company, but never got an answer. I also contacted the Social Thinking Website, believing that since this concept came from Michelle G Winner, they would want to know.

    They were not interested.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t like the apps and that you didn’t get a response to your messages.

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