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A while back, I saw a Sensory Theraplay Box stuffed with fun sensory toys on Instagram and thought it was such a great idea.  I had a bunch of kids that need a little something to help get them through their speech sessions or maybe wind down a bit before we could start. So naturally, I had to give it a whirl.

Sensory TheraPlay Box is a subscription box service, but instead of getting beauty products or clothes, you get a box stuffed with items for sensory play. One of the things I really liked about this particular box/company, was that the items chosen are picked by an OT. This means you are getting items selected by someone with an education and background for sensory needs and not just someone saying ‘oh that looks cool’ and sending you,well, junk.

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What is a subscription box?

You pay a monthly fee and in return automatically get a new box of goodies each month.  If you are someone who doesn’t have time to shop for certain items ( like therapy toys ) or lives in an area where there may not be much to pick from ( like me ), then this is something you want to check out.

I was so excited when the box came! After seeing pictures online of what people had received in past boxes, I was pumped to see what was in mine. It did not disappoint, let me tell you!  I felt like I kept pulling out toy after toy, a la Mary Poppins bag. Here are the goodies that were inside:



Bath fizz that dissolves to reveal a toy dog, ‘fish tank’, and purple puppet toy that is also a pen.

The test came when I brought them to school and let the toughest critics I know have at them.  Of course, they were obsessed with each new toy.  They squished, spun, squashed, and stretched each one. The true test would be time.  After a few weeks the kids were still into them, especially the putty and dinosaur.

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Now you’re probably thinking, “Yea this looks fun and awesome, but tell me about the damage to my wallet this will do”. So, I did some digging online. I wanted to see just how far a dollar goes with this box. The box is $39.95 a month if you the monthly subscription, FYI. After totaling things up, I found that getting the box was actually cheaper than buying each item individually. Not to mention saved me sooo much time because I didn’t have to scourer every store online to find fun sensory items for my kids.

So here is the skinny:
– Great selection of good quality items.
– Helps save time and money
– Curated by an OT
– Can do a monthly or three month subscription

Have you gotten box from Sensory TheraPlay before? What did you think?


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