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Virtual Speech Center has lots of great apps and their newest one is no exception.  Auditory Memory Ride is an app with activities targeted towards students with central auditory processing disorder ( CAPD )  or related disorders with deficits in recognition and recall.

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This app has over 1,000 preset stimuli!  That’s right, 3 zeros.  There are targets for recognition and recall, as well as, the ability to customize delay times from No Delay to a 15 second delay. You can set you delay times, as well as, background noise volume, game length, number of questions until reward, and more. Just tap Settings.

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To get started all you need to do is tap Start and enter in your student’s name. Then you can select the areas and levels you want to target. You can choose from: Digits, Words and Sentences, Details, and Paragraphs. When you select an area and level to work on you can also choose to edit that selection. Tapping, Edit, gives you the option to select or deselect targets.

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When targets are presented, the student hears it first. Then depending on which target you have selected, the student will either be required to tap the correct pictures, repeat what they have heard, or answer questions.  A feature I really liked was the ability to enter in notes.  This is super helpful if you find a strategy that works for the student mid session. You can get it down right away 🙂

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After your students have answered a set amount of questions, they can earn time to be a pilot and fly through a course collecting points!

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When you are done, tap Finish.  You will be able to see the student’s data and have the options to print it or send it.  You can choose to see your data based on the date or the specific goal.

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I loved this app!!!  I hadn’t really seen an app like this before and it really fit a need I had when it came to targeting auditory memory and recall. The different areas to target worked in a nice hierarchy of difficulty and the included levels were great. My kids really like the flying challenge, it was a great motivator!  The ability enter notes during the session is a feature I found very helpful.

If you want to add this app to your iPad by visiting iTunes. It is currently $17.99!

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*Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to complete this review. The thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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