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Your student teacher has spent weeks planning sessions, working with your kids, taking data, writing reports, probably stressing about job applications, and finishing grad school.  After all that hard work, don’t you think they deserve a little reward? Here are some gift ideas for student teachers as you say farewell.  Bonus! These are also fabulous gift for a recent grad too!

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A cute, personalized clipboard with some Flair pens ( because if they haven’t already caught the Flair pen bug being around you then why not get them started? ) is a great and useful gift.  It can work for any setting too which is great if they haven’t decided where they will be taking those first post grad steps.

There are TONS of options for clipboards on Etsy. Just search and scroll away! This is from MonogramAvenue

Next up, some speechy wall decor.  I actually got this for my first grad student and it was a hit! At least that is what he told me and since my reports had already been submitted to his supervisor I am pretty sure he meant it when he said how much he liked it.  Yup, that’s right, my student teacher was a guy! You may think men in the speech world are like unicorns, mythical beings that only exist in stories, but I can tell you they do exist!  OK, back on track now.  Since getting something cutesy wasn’t an option this worked out well.  You can even choose the colors!

Found on Etsy. The store is SoundArtByBrooke.

As SLPs we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff.  Planners, files, toys, work that we take home with the intention of doing it only to get put on the back burner due to Netflix. Either way, we got stuff and it needs to get hauled around somehow.  Better Life Bags are beautiful bags that can stylishly carry all your stuff and help support working women at the same time.

If you’re looking for something that is still cute and maybe not so expensive ThirtyOne bags are awesome.  I love this one because you can zip it closed which is a great feature if you are a traveling SLP who prefers to keep all of their items in one spot that won’t dump out when you take a hard right.


A personal laminator.  I got one when I was in grad school, which was…a number of years ago shall we say, and it still works like the first day.  There is a reason that you see personal laminators mentioned a lot as gift ideas and that is because they are a necessity!

Sometimes the lanyards we get for our badges are well, boring.  Get them a cute lanyard or even one that is personalized with all those letters that they just worked like crazy for ; ) Oh, and bonus points if it is a breakaway!



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