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Our kiddos work hard when they come to speech, so keeping them motivated and their behaviors in check is important so we can be as productive as possible. To find out what other SLPs like to use click the link below. So without further adieu, here are my favorite behavior management tools.



1. Clip Charts

I really like using clip charts to manage student behavior. Students can move down for poor choices, but have the opportunity to move back up for improving behavior. I find these really work well with little kids ( K-3 ), especially those working on social skills. It is a great representation of how our actions can have an impact on others. There are tons clip charts on TpT and Pinterest if you are looking for ideas.


2. Class Dojo

This app lets you give and take away points to students depending on their behavior. Each student is assigned a cute little monster to represent them.  One of the best features of the app is that you can customize the behaviors you want to award points for.  So if there is a specific goal you are targeting or maybe a behavior that is being monitored you can add it in. Another cool feature is that you can see the student’s behavior data whenever you like. It is displayed in a nice graph that you can print out or send home for parents.


3. Behavior Board Game

In my room this year, I have a ‘magical’ board game on one of my bulletin boards.  After each session, if the student has met the expected behaviors for speech room ( posted on the back of my door )  students roll big foam dice and can move around the board. There are a few PRIZE squares that students can land on.  Since they have to roll dice to move around the board it keeps when they land on a prize a bit more random, which keeps them motivated. They can earn iPad time, GamyBoy time, sitting in my computer chair, or having lunch with me.  I used to have a prize box but it got a little to costly to keep re-filling it, even from the Dollar Store. This behavior board game is part of my Magical Speech Room Theme pack. If students land on a prize square they can pick a ticket a QR code on it. They love to scan it to find out their prize.  This has been working well for me so far.  You can check its post HERE.



4. Decide Now!

Not so much a behavior management tool but a motivator is Decide Now!  This app is an awesome motivator that you can control. It’s an app that is basically a prize wheel that you can customize.  You can put in the prize options you want and when your students have met their goal or expectation they can spin the wheel and see what prize they have won 🙂  It can be for the iPhone or iPad so it could work well for your traveling SLPs.


What do you like to use?

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  1. I like the idea of the gameboard on the bulletin board. I may have to try that next year and see if it works for me. It would be more fun that the sticker charts that I use!

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