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I always seem to struggle to find enough visuals for sequencing activities. Whether it be for general actions or stories, getting my hands on the right visuals and enough of them can be tough.  So I have to make my own using apps! I like A Beautiful Mess the best, plus it’s free.  I can take pictures and then put them into a 3 or 4 four square collage. Here’s how you, too, can have your very own DIY sequencing visuals.

sequencing visuals

Then you can bring up the picture on your smartphone or tablet.  Students can point to what comes first, second, etc.   When it comes to general actions, I will either take pictures of myself going through the steps or take pictures of the student doing the task and then have them point to the pictures in the proper order.  When it comes to stories, I will take pictures of key images from the story and the students can again, point to which events came first, second, etc.

Here I am putting in picture of seasons for kids to sequence.
Here I am putting in picture of seasons for kids to sequence.

What is even better about using an app for this?  You don’t have to run out and print pages and pictures can be take during the activity. So if you are running behind on that day, no stress ;).





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