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Spring is finally here! Well, at least that is what is says on the calendar, outside may be a different story.  Either way, I am getting in the spring time spirit.  To help bring those blooming showers and sprinkles of rain into my speech room I made my first thematic unit, Let’s Grow! A Thematic Gardening Unit!  Just an FYI this unit is created for kiddos in grades 2-5.

Thematic Gardening Unit

To me Spring, is growth and flowers blooming. A gardening unit seemed like a fun, hands on way to target language and get my kids over their winter blues.  So what’s in this unit? I’m glad you asked.

There are gardening vocabulary cards for learning definitions.  Try playing memory after your kids have learned the words.  There are also 2 definitions worksheets.



There are sequencing cards so your students can help the gardener sequence the steps to plant his garden. You may want to pre-cut the pictures for students to save time.   There are also two basic concept worksheets. Each worksheet comes with a pre-made and blank version for you to customize.



Now that labeling is part to the Common Core, I figured it would be helpful for my students to get some practice.  There are also describing pages for your students. I have also included some pre-made describing circles for students who may have difficulty writing their descriptions down. This way they can simply glue the circles to the organizer.  I recommend pre-cutting these though to save time.




Next, students can practice their categorizing skills with different garden items. There are 8 of each cards: vegetables, fruits, flowers, and tools. There are included sorting mats to assist in grouping the cards.



Students can practice their syntax and organization by writing letters the gardener and a sneaky little worm and comparing and contrasting garden items.


Students can work on their questioning answering, inferring, and predicting  skills with the included cards.


Finally, I have given you a list of ideas, books, and activities you can do while using this unit.  I found a couple more fun ones on Pinterest, like taking the container from a rotisserie chicken and turning it into a mini green house!


I have decided I am going to have all my kids plant flower seeds in little cups and grow their own flower. By the time the flowers are blooming and ready to go home it should be Mother’s Day.  See where I am going with this 😉

If you want to show off your students’ green thumbs, you can check add this unit to your speech room by visiting my TpT store. 

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