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I am always looking for fun, new activities for my students.  SpeechPage.Com has oodles of great activities to help you target your student’s speech and language needs. They really think like an SLP when they create their materials. Their activities come already laminated, velcro attached, three hole punched, and in plastic bags! Wow, its like they read my organization wish list!

Today I want to share three of these great activities: Following Multi-Steps! C, AAC Requesting, and Articulation Find It Scene! 6A.

First let’s look at Following Multi-Steps! This activity targets, you guessed it, following multi-step directions. There is a prompt sample page that gives examples of how each page can be used for giving directions. The prompt page gives lots of suggestions of item pairings and order while keeping things general so that you can customize the activity to your students goals. You could target: on, before, after, first, next, last, second, third, between, etc.   A fun thing about this activity is that you can pair different items, since everything is velcro, to make some silly combinations that students will definitely giggle about. How about an ice cream and tomato burger?

Next up, AAC Requesting.  This activity contains 4 picture puzzles for students work on requesting pieces using any method of communication such as pointing, PECS, a speech generating device, verbal speech, etc. The puzzles are really cute and the pieces are well defined.  This would be a great activity for students starting to working on advocacy skills, as well as, describing.

Finally, we have Articulation Find It Scenes!  These cute and colorful scenes each have 100 words targeting the designated sound. These particular scenes target /R/ in all positions and /S/ in all positions.  Think of it like a ‘Where’s Waldo’ for sounds. With this activity there are so many options to really customize it into a fun and different activity each time you play. You can describe a specific item in the scene, have the student locate it, then repeat the word X amount of times or see who can find the most pictures, there are so many possibilities and with 100 words in each picture your students will get plenty of practice.

These activities are affordable, durable, direct, and fun for kids. They hit all the points on my check list!  To check out these and more fun, creative activities by SpeechPage.Com visit their website.

*Disclaimer: These activities were provided to complete this review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.


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