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Phonological Awareness Lab is one of the newest apps from Smarty Ears.  There are 4 different activities for students to play to practice and grow their phonological skills.



The Sentence Experiment room has students listening to determine how many words each sentence contains.  They tap the dropper for each word and then the beaker when they are done.  If the beaker turns green it means they heard the correct amount of words and earn a beaker.



In the Decoding Room students can work on Blending Syllables or Blending Sounds.  You have brought the monster to life but are having a hard time understanding it. Students listen to the syllables and or sounds and determine which picture shows those syllables or sounds combined into the correct word.


Rhyming Compound has 3 different activities: Rhyming Identification, Rhyming Selection, and Rhyming Match.  Rhyming Identification gives students 3 sounds and has them determine if the words rhyme or not. Rhyming Selection gives students a word and then 3 choices of a word that rhymes with the target.  In Rhyming Match students need to choose the 4 words that rhyme.






Syllable X-Ray asks students to find the word/picture with the same number of syllables as the number dots shown.


When you’re done you can review your student’s data in the report center.



This app has 7 different activities for students to play. The graphics are engaging and I really liked the science theme, it was fun and different.  With so many different activities to choose from your students will get plenty of practice targeting their phonological awareness skills. This app would also make for a great intervention for students targeting phonological awareness skills. You can download this app for $14.99 ( it will go up to $19.99 in a bit ) on iTunes.

Smarty Ears provided me with a copy of this app for this review. No other form of compensation was provided.  The thoughts and opinions are all mine.  

Smarty Ears gave me an extra copy to raffle off! Enter below for a chance to win 🙂 A winner will be chosen on Friday, Good Luck!

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12 Responses

  1. Totally love using Smarty Ears apps in speech therapy! They are well designed with customization for multiple users & great data collection. Plus the kids love them. The science theme in this one looks especially fun. I work as a SLP at a non-profit pediatric hospital that has little-to-no budget for apps so I greatly appreciate app giveaways as a way to get apps to help our patients. Thanks 🙂

  2. I have a lot of kids with severe phonological processes on my caseload right now and not a lot of motivating materials for them. This app looks and sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing and the giveaway opportunity! 🙂

  3. I would like this app to use with my students that are struggling with these skills. It’s a fun way to get additional practice with phonological awareness skills!

  4. I would love this app for a select group of children that continue to have challenges in all these skills! It also looks like fun!

  5. I would love this for my kindergarteners! Something fun and interactive they could play and not get so bored with minimal pair cards/activities.

  6. Many of my students find the iPad very motivational. This app looks like it addresses a variety of skill that I have students currently working on improving.

  7. I have been looking for an app for phonological awareness, your review is so wonderful! Thank you for all you provide on your blog and your TpT store, as a beginning clinician, you’ve truly helped me figure it out!

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