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There are sooooo many kits and programs out there for SLPs to use with their students. Kits for everything from apraxia to articulation, fluency, language and more.  With so many out there, which are the ones that SLPs have given their tried and true stamp of SLP approval on?  There are probably more than what I am going to share with you so feel free to comment with programs and kits you have used and love! Here are my top 3.  In my opinion they are worth every single penny!  Yes, I happen to have them all.  My own cash went into acquiring two of these gems, so I understand the anxiety that goes into making these decision because let’s face it, these things aren’t cheap!

1.  Expanding Expressions Tool aka EET


There has been quite a bit of chatter about this tool on Facebook lately.  The EET was created by an SLP, Sara Smith. It is a multi-sensory approach for oral expression and writing. Did you hear that ( okay, read that ) my middle school/high school speechie friends?  You get a bead strand that kind of looks like a caterpillar. Each bead is a different color. The color corresponds to a component of information that may be needed to talk about something: category, function, appearance, what is it made from, parts, location, and there is a bead for including prior knowledge. I let my students use this as a way to share a ‘fun fact’ about the subject.  This provides direction and organization about what information to include and how to put it together. It comes with dice, a book with oodles of worksheets for each bead for extra practice, organizers for different writing styles that can be used with the EET, and more.  I wrote a post about the EET a few years ago. It has a lot of pictures and more details. You can check it out HERE.

2. Story Grammar Marker aka SGM


This tool was introduced to me through some blog posts last year just before ASHA. Luckily, I was going to ASHA since it was in my hometown of the Windy City, and I was able to stop by the MindWind Concepts booth and check it out.   It is a tool that can be used to help students understand and grow their narrative and expository skills. This is another system that has a strand component with it. I don’t know what it is, but when something has a strand or something touchy-feely with it, the kids love it! The best way that I can describe it is a tool that offers a concrete way to produce something that otherwise is pretty abstract to my kids. The Teacher Manual ( which I strongly recommend you get if you purchase this system ) has tons of organizers for students to fill out. They are great! There are so many different ones to chose from and they are almost in a progressive hierarchy. You can start out with just Beginning, Middle, End and work up to more complex ones with all the components and more details. I wrote a post about it after I got it last year. You can check it out HERE.  I have the SGM for grades 3-5. There is one for K-2. It is big and plush, and very cute!  I will probably be getting the K-2 version too. After I have seen the success with the version I have, I know it will be a great addition!

3. Focus on Fluency Kit


This has been such a great tool kit to have!  Fluency is something that I feel comes in waves at my school. I may go  years with no fluency kids, then BAM! I have 3 kids.  This kit really sets you up with everything you need. The manual is great with lots of information, activities, and ideas. It also comes with materials for working on: Fluency Education, Desensitization, Basic Communication, Fluency Shaping, and Stuttering Modification.  It really is an all-in-one kit!  You can watch a short video on it HERE.


These are three of my favorite kits that are feel are fantastic additions to anyone therapy room.  Do you have any kits or program that you feel are must haves?




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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing your top 3! I also have EET and love it! I wanted to add to the list Literacy Speaks, written by Keli Richmond sold by Northern Speech Services. It is “an unique strategy utilizing evidence-based techniques that improves speech intelligibility, develops language and enhances literacy”. I have found great success using it with my K-1 and sometimes 2nds. Unfortunately, not all sounds are included in one kit. I have Kit 2 which includes: f, v, s, z, l, sh, th and ch. It comes with the artic. cards (double sided- pic on one side and text on the other i.e. sh- ip, ship), a manual with handouts and books to be printed and a CD that has everything the manual has in it. I love it!

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing. I have not used the fluency kit before and it seems like a great addition to my therapy practices. I have a few students with fluency disorders.

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