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As Autism Awareness month comes to a close I wanted to share a little bit more information with all of you. Keep in mind we are learning more about Autism everyday through research and general experience. It can be hard to keep up with it all! If you have heard of The Hanen Center then hopefully you know what a great resource it is for information and education for professionals and parents. Here is how the Hanen Center describes themselves:

“ The Hanen Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organization with a difference. We are a social entrepreneur, operating our business for a clear social purpose – to enable young children to develop the best possible language and literacy skills. Founded in 1975 by Ayala Hanen Manolson, a speech-language pathologist who saw the potential of involving parents in their child’s early language intervention, The Hanen Centre is  dedicated to addressing a pressing social problem – delays in language development in young children, including children with developmental delays and autism.

A language delay has a significant impact on the child, his family and society as a whole. Language delay is the most common developmental disorder and is 3-4 times more common in boys than in girls. Approximately 5-8% of preschool children experience a delay in their language development that continues into adulthood, highlighting the fact that many children don’t “grow out of it” as is commonly thought. Language delay can affect academic performance and achievement, social relationships, can cause behavior problems and make it more difficult for adults to find employment.

Knowing that the window of opportunity is greatest when children are very young, we must harness the commitment of parents and professionals to give children the chance to develop the language they need to succeed socially and academically.”

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Recently I had to opportunity to listen to one of their e-Seminars. These are pre-recorded sessions on various topics such as language delays, autism, and literacy.   I listened to “ Starting Early: Red Flags and Treatment Tips for Toddlers on the Autism Spectrum”.   It was great! I found it very informative on a population that I don’t typically see, toddlers. This session discussed strategies that I could use right away with families rather than rambling on about theories or case studies. Some points discussed were foundational social communication enjoyment, joint attention, gestures, imitating, etc . Also, there were real-life videos demonstrating the skills, which is something I always appreciate. I also really liked the ability to watch it on my time. I listened a bit each night after dinner. Being pregnant takes a lot of you, so not having to sit for 2 hours for this course was a breath of fresh air. When you sign up for their e-Sessions you have 30 days to complete them, ample time if you ask me. Also, I got 2 CEUS for it, BONUS!

Typically their e-Sessions cost $85 for non-members and $45 for members. Now I have seen 2 hour courses for more and less, so you want to use your own judgment on determining if the cost is right for you.

The Hanen Centre graciously has given me one e-Session to give away! Enter the rafflecopter below and I will choose a winner on Monday!
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7 Responses

  1. I love the methods that the Hanen approach uses such as OWLing, using child led therapy, using more open ended questions when speaking with children. I will be leading a language intensive after school preschool for a small group of children and their parents and this would be a great refresher class for me!

  2. Sounds like an interested course. I like that they share practical information that can be easily implemented!

  3. I’ve always loved their books, and have used them so much in early intervention. I’d love to learn more from the Hanen Center about autism. You’re so right, Maureen…there is always more to learn!

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