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Sequencing is an area that I work on just about everyday with my kids. So when I saw that Virtual Speech Center‘s newest was chalk full of sequencing goodness I was thrilled!  After downloading you can get more information and a description of the app by tapping the Info button on the home screen.

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Sequencing Post Office is quick and easy to set up. You can adjust the sounds, amount of questions of needed before the game, length of playing time, and more.  Then just enter in your students’ names and you’re done.

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Then you can select from over 60 sequencing tasks! They are divided into 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step sequences.  Just tap the 2, 3, or 4 in the center of the row to modify the directions. I loved how all the sequences were daily like actives that my kids could relate too.  Students simply drag the pictures into the correct order.

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After students have achieved X amount of correct responses ( which you can program in Settings ) they get to play a game. Correct responses are kept track at the bottom of the screen. For each correct sequence the student creates they earn a stamp.

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During the game, the student needs to slide the postman back and forth to collect the item shown in the background. I really like the timed feature for the game. That way the game ends after time I set and we can get back to work.  After the session is over you can review your data.

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Overall Pros

  • This app has a lot to offer. With over 60 sequence for students to practice it will definitely get a workout.
  • The ability to change sequence steps for each activity is great and allows me to adapt each set for my students
  • The pictures are cute without being young and clearly depict each activity
  • The game is fun and the pre-programed time function on it is a fantastic feature.

In the Future

  •  I would love to be able to pre-set 2, 3, and 4 step sequences for my students ahead of time rather than for each question.
  • Having real pictures would be great see in the future as well.
  • Maybe having included homework sheets.

These are just suggestions.  I think the app is great and is a welcome addition to the materials for this area. You can get the app from iTunes for just $4.99!


* This app was provided for the purpose of completing the review. The thoughts and opinions are all mine. 

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