Summer Speech Fun

Sweet summer time! Warm breezes,  shining sun, and pretty blues skies. These beautiful days should be taken advantage of!  Move your speech outside and try some of these activities.

– Write words with your speech sounds then repeat them X amount of times, you can use a spray bottle to erase.
– Say a word and then have the child write it’s synonym or antonym
– Draw a picture: a cat, fish, rainbow, and then describe it using EET components
– Draw a story and have the child tell the tale using proper grammar and syntax.
– Have the child create a scene they they can pose it. Snap a picture and then have the child create a narrative about the picture or they can use some good pronouns to talk about it, ” I am holding a balloon. ” “She is wearing a crown”

Get Messy:
I love hands on activities!  And with the beautiful summer weather it is a great time to get outside and experiment :)  Get those hoses ready!
Diet Coke and Mentos. A classic and personal favorite :)  Have students describe each ‘ingredient’ before you start. Then ask them to predict what will happen when the Mentos are dropped into the Diet Coke. Once their prediction is done have them sequence the steps that will need be done to complete the experiment ( ” First open the Diet Coke, next…)

Make Your Own Bubbles.  Who doesn’t love bubbles?  You need a pie pan, old coat hangers, water, and some dish soap. Bend the coat hangers into circle or really any shape, hearts are a cute change of pace :) Have the students state the steps to make the bubble solution.  Then have some fun!  You can also use the bubble for reinforcement. After so many targets or productions kids get some bubble time!

I Spy Ice.  Take small objects that contain a student’s speech sounds or that can fit into categories. Fill a gallon ziplock bag full of water and add the items.  Lay flat and let it freeze.  I recommend taking the block out about 20 – 30 minutes before your session so it melts a little bit. Then when it’s time for speech take your ice block and head out side. Enjoy the warm summer sun as you ‘spy’ the objects and say the targeted sounds.  You can use a plastic spoon to help chip away at the ice and find more objects.  This is also a great activity for targeting categories and associations. As students find objects they state the category the item is in or an associated item.

I hope this gives you some summer speech ideas or just fun activities to do.  What summer speech activities do you like to do?

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