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Working on social skills is a tough area for SLPs and students with pragmatic needs.  Everyday Speech has developed videos that fill a BIG need in the social skills department!

Introducing Everyday Speech Social Skills Videos!  So many times I have wished that my students could see what we were talking about. These videos allow students to see the situations as they happen!

Everyday Speech: Social Skills Videos

About Everyday Speech: Social Skills Videos

There are currently 40 videos in this package. What makes them even better, is that they were designed by ASHA-certified SLPs!  They cover a wide variety of common social issues that students encounter on a daily basis ( list of videos at the end of the post ).

Each video is about 2 minutes long, a perfect length if I do say so myself. The videos explain the skill/topic that will be discussed and show a clip of the skill/topic being used incorrectly or not at all. When something ‘goes wrong, the videos pause, and an explanation is given for what went wrong. Then they replay the situation with the skill being used correctly.

Everyday Speech: Social Skills Videos

Something I loved about these videos is that they showed what the kids are thinking during the situations!  This was great for my students who have a hard time taking perspective and therefore, need extra explanation and discussion to understand situations.

One of the best aspects of these videos is that the actors looked current! No outdated clothes or sayings! The kids in the videos looked like the kids that I see in the halls each day.


Everyday Speech is offering some great bonuses if you sign up for the videos via their mailing list with this link. You could receive a free video package, a chance to win 1 of 20 video packages, or a 50% off promo code with no limit on the purchase amount!

I should also mention that these videos can play on your iPad or computer.  If you work on social skills these should definitely be in your toolbox!

Videos available are…

Making Friends 

Learning to say no
Politely saying no to an invitation
Calling friends on the phone
Being a good sport
Approach a group
Act like you’re interested

Solving Conflicts with Peers

Not getting your way
Seeing someone else’s side
Feeling jealous
Teasing vs. Bullying
All About the Brain

Having a Flexible Mind
Brain stuck on one thing
Using a filter
Thinking about others

How we act in school

Working in groups
Worry about yourself
Following the group
Public vs. private
Social Rules

Conversation Skills – Basic

Begin and end the conversation
Introducing yourself
Taking turns in conversation
Staying on topic
Voice volume
Conversation Skills –  Advanced

Saying too much
Gain attention
Making Small talk
Thinking About WHO you’re Talking To
Understanding sarcasm



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8 Responses

  1. Hi Mo! I love your blog and I especially love the idea of the videos for pragmatics. I have been searching for this type of thing for a long time. I did enter my email address to get on the list. What do I do to purchase the video packages? Thank you!

    1. Hey Mo! The video packages are going through the final phases of development and fine tuning. Since you entered your email address you’ll get a message when they are available for purchase. 🙂

  2. Hi! I would Love to get these videos! I tried but it said there was an error! Just wondering if it’s working again.

    1. The videos are still in a processing stage. If you sign up for the email alert using the link in the post you will get a message when they are ready 🙂

    1. Use the link in the post to sign up so you can be notified when they are ready for purchase 🙂

  3. I tried to enter my information for mailing list on link but when I click on it it says no longer valid. Is this promotion expired? I

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