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Want your kids to work up a mental sweat? Sentence Workout is a great syntax app by Virtual Speech Center that will have them feeling the burn 🙂  This app has a structured hierarchy for students to advance through as they improve their syntax skills.

Set up is super easy. Simply enter in the student’s name choose and which sentence structures you want to target. There are 37 different sentence structures and over 350 sentences for students to practice.


You can choose to have students ‘Say It’ or ‘Create Sentence’. The ‘Say It’ activity has the students do just want the title implies, say a sentence. Students are given a visual and prompted to make a sentence about it. It is your job, or the student’s if you are having them self-monitor, to mark if it is correct or incorrect. The ‘Say It’ activity could also be used to target describing goals. The ‘Create Sentence’ activity gives students a visual and has them unscramble words and punctuation to create a sentence. I really like how punctuation was included in the components that needed to be unscrambled. My students frequently omit periods and commas in their writing.  

You can use this app with multiple students at once. I used it in a group of 4. The student whose turn it is has their name in the orange box on the screen. The names will rotate as each student takes their turn. 

A nice feature is the ability to record student responses. You can hit the record button in the upper left hand corner and record the student’s sentence. This is a great way to encourage self-monitoring skills.

Every time a student’s response is correct they earn a soccer ball. After earning enough soccer balls students get to play a soccer game. You are able to control how many soccer balls the student must earn in order to play the game.  This is a great feature for students who maybe get frustrated easily and need more encouragement. You can allow them to play more frequently than other students who maybe need more practice time.  The soccer game has a time limit that counts down when the student starts.  This is a great way for students to have their reward and keep things moving at an appropriate pace.


As students answer questions the app keeps data on the screen for you. It always shows the average  (or overall accuracy) of the students responses.  When you’re done, you can click the View Report button and the app will give you a breakdown of their accuracy for each area worked on. 

Overall this is an engaging and interactive app. It offers a hierarchy of 37 different sentence structures for students to practice. The soccer game is a great motivator; as soon as my kids finished playing they wanted to get back to work so they could earn more soccer balls and play again.  The ability to record student’s responses is a handy feature that allows for a good introduction to self-monitoring.  I really liked how it kept data and displayed it during the session.  The app gets right to student’s syntax needs but presents it in a fun and engaging manner.

To add this great app to your speech tool box visit iTunes. 


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