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Our jobs as SLPs (Speech-language pathologists) require a lot from us. We have to screen and evaluate students, write reports, create goals, plan therapy, take data, and oh yea, have meetings. So, I am going to share with you How to Stay Organised with Speech Therapy Annual Reviews and Evaluations

The paperwork and procedures that these meetings require can be a lot sometimes and keeping track of all of that can give you a headache. I get it, I’ve been there. So, with all the different forms and reports, I may have forgotten a piece here and there ??‍♀️

How to Stay Organized with Speech Therapy

So, here is how I How to Stay Organized with Speech Therapy Annual Reviews and Evaluations. At the end of last year, I found this system that totally saved my SLP booty a few times. Using sticky notes, I printed out all the steps and parts I need to take care of for an Annual Review, and then I also printed another one for Evaluations. I stuck them on the file folder so I could see the note as they sat in the rack on my desk and checked things off as I got them knocked out.

How to Stay Organized with Speech Therapy Annual Reviews and Evaluations

How to stay organised with Speech Therapy: Printing on sticky notes

I know you must be wondering, how did she get to print on sticky notes? Well, I will tell you it is very easy to achieve. Just follow the instructions bellow and if you are still lacking just check for video on my Instagram.

  • Just print the template page
  • Put the sticky notes on each square
  • Put the page back in your printer being sure to put it in, in the manner that your printer grabs the page to print.

I have a tutorial of this on my Instagram Highlights ??

You can get your Sticky Note Reminder templates for free in my TpT store. They are now included in the SLP Sanity Planner as well!

Let me know in the comment section bellow if you tried this out and how it turned out.


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