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Stickers have been a key element in the SLP’s bag of tricks for years, but there are more ways to use them than rewarding our students for a job well done.  Here are a few more ways to use one of my favorite classroom tools!

5 more uses for stickers the speech bubble slp apple pencil school supplies


1. Categorize Them

Most stickers come in packs according to theme or color.  Have your students sort stickers into categories or group them by similar features.  They can also take home their category art work!

2. Describe Them

Have students choose a sticker and describe it.  They can put the sticker at the top of the page, then write their description underneath.  Another option is to have them describe it and wear it afterward. Who wouldn’t want to show off some awesome stickers?!

3. Make A Story

Have students work on their narrative and expository skills.  Students can start to write or tell a story, filling in pieces of the story with stickers. You can also do the reverse: start with stickers on the page, then have the students write and create a story around the stickers.

4. Compare and Contrast

Have students choose two stickers to compare and contrast. You can lay them out using a Venn Diagram to keep everything simple and organized.

5. Surprise Answer

Change up the same old question and answer worksheets or cards.  For materials with answer choices on them, cover up the answer choices with stickers.  If a student chooses the correct answer, they can keep the sticker as their prize.  See who can collect the most!


I had quite the sticker collection going on, and I was able to make a big dent in it by using these activities. Bonus: if you want to use these ideas in your room to jazz up some sessions, stickers are cheap!

What else do you like to do with stickers? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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6 Responses

  1. I use stickers all the time in barrier games targeting increasing use of correct pronouns, prepositions and verbs. I especially love some of the sticker themed sets from oriental trading. My students ask each day if its a sticker fun day!! Its a great incentive and really keeps them motivated!

  2. I am the sticker queen at my school. I like to use them when retelling a story such as, The old lady who swallowed…. All kids love stickers !

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