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Today I am linking up with Crazy Speech World to share what I like to use to help students carryover their speech and language skills.  Click on the picture below to visit her page and see what other SLPs do.


Carryover…a word that can make just about any SLP go ‘Ugh‘.  We teach students to produce sounds correctly or use their ‘smooth speech’ strategies to be fluent. The question is, how to get help them to transition these skills into the classroom and home?

A few things I have done in the past:

1) Put student on consult, touching base with them and their teacher each week to assess progress and maintenance.

2) Push-in to the classroom for a few minutes two to three times a week and observe the student to see if they are using their skills.

One of two would usually happen. The student would either only use their skills when I was in the room or not use them at all.  However, if we would go back into my room to work on these skills, they were great!  So what gives ?!  I decided to try something  that I could only hope would motivate my students to use their skills.

Speech Detective Carryover Program1

I consulted with the teachers in my building about what they felt would be manageable for the classroom and after some test runs and tweaking, I came up with The Speech Detective.  Here is how it works.  The student gets a new sheet each week. The sheets are specified for articulation, language, or fluency. The sheet can be taped to their desk or clipped in their planners, something that is easily accessible for the teacher and me.   Each time the student is ‘caught’ using their skill they earn a check mark, initial, X, etc., whatever is agreed upon.  We set a goal to earn X amount of check marks a week.  I start with just one check mark a day for the week and work up from there.


If they meet their goal they earn a prize from me.  I also like to call home and try to see if parent are able to help support them as well.  Prizes can be special time with parents, choosing a movie to watch, game to play, special snack, etc.  So far students have been responding well to it and teachers like that it can be used quickly and not take any time out of their lesson.

You can stop by my store on TpT learn more about The Speech Detective.






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