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I was walking through Michaels when I passed their Halloween items ( yes, Halloween! ).  I stopped dead in my tracks! What did I see you ask? BRAINS! A whole box full!  With most people, this would not have been enough to trigger a second look, but to me, my mind went straight to therapy and flexible thinking activities!

photo 1

So I gathered up some of those squishy, pink brains and headed to the checkout; after checking out the rest of the store for any potential bargains of course.

photo 2

Here is how I plan to use these little guys:

– Sensory tools: They are squishy and will make great hand fidgets for my kiddos…and me

– Flexible Thinking: These are ideal for flexible thinking activities! They squish, they stretch, they will make excellent visuals when discussing feeling overloaded and what can happened to our brains when an Unthinkable takes over.

– Playing Pass the Brain: Kids take turns asking each other questions, describing am item the person has, etc. The person they pass the brain to is the one they ask the question to, describe their item, etc

– And more stuff I haven’t thought of yet but will post when I do 🙂

I hope this has given your brain some ideas.  How have you used brains in your room?

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3 Responses

  1. I found these last year at Halloween! I picked one up and I know wish I had gotten a lot more. This has been unbelievably helpful to me and I have been scouring the internet in search of more. Do you know if and where I can get these out of season???

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