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Happy New Year!  A new year means  new beginnings, fresh starts, and a time to try new things. Typically, people make resolutions. I prefer to think of new things to try/do.


So here are the SLP things I’m going to try in 2015…

Be more hands on.  I want to try and  incorporate more hands on activities into my speech sessions. By hands on, I don’t mean crafts, which I love BTW, but something that requires critical thinking and more processing. My kids loved making slime in speech. We talked about all the ingredients, followed the directions, and then talked about the slime itself as we squished and stretched. I want to find more things like that.  I applied for a grant to get Goldiblox kits for my speech room. Hopefully, it will be approved and I will get to start using it for some hands on activities soon. I’ll keep you updated about it!

Be present in the classrooms.  I want to try and visit more classrooms this year.  Either to pop in and read a story or maybe do a lesson with the teacher.  I think it’s important to make sure the kids know who I am, so that if they ever have to come to me for services, I’m not a stranger. Plus, I enjoy seeing my kids in their rooms.

Minecraft.  Just about all my kids play Minecraft.  Truth be told, I have never played this game or even really looked at it. It is crazy though! My kids struggle to follow two step directions I give them but can build a city in this game. Then I am the one who is struggling as they tell me how they did it. So I am going to try and understand this phenomenon and see if it can’t help me, help my kids.

My Best Is OK.  I can only give my best, and that is ok.  I can’t solve every problem in a day. I can’t figure out the best method to help all my kids in my first session, but, I will always give them my best.  Sometimes it is frustrating when I can’t find that magic trigger to help my students make the connection they need.  But, I won’t give up. I will give them my best and that’s ok.

Relax.  Sometimes it’s hard to turn off our professional minds. It’s something I’m not good at.  I want to try and relax more and enjoy my family.

So that’s what I have on my plate for now anyway.  What about you?

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