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Speech Room News has had another great idea and way to share information, a Linky! For those unfamiliar, bloggers will write short posts on the same topic, post it on their page, then link it back to one blogger in particular. That way you can find all the posts in place. Cool, huh?

The theme of this month’s Linky is favorite games to use in therapy. Here are a list of my top 3 go-to games that I really couldn’t live without. If you click the image above it will take you to Speech Room New’s link up page where you can check out other bloggers posts of their favorite games.


1. What’s in Ned’s Head ?


Ned’s Head is a big cloth head that has a bunch of gross items inside: a brain, worm in bird poop, sticky sucker, vomit, etc. I told you they were gross.  There are cards for each of these items, students are supposed to choose a card, reach in Ned’s head via his nose or ears, and pull out the item on the card. The student with the most items wins. This game is gross and beloved by all my students from Kindergarten to fifth grade, they all ask for it. It is great for reinforcement, letting students reach in for an item after their turn or for therapy in general. I love it for describing. You can place lots of different items in Ned’s head, then have students pull them out and describe the item to the other students. You can also place artic cards, language game cards ( like the ones you get from TpT) in Ned’s Head along with the gross items that come with the game. Students switch off choosing a card and working and then searching for their icky item.


2. Cookin’ Cookies

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! It is great for following directions, sequencing, and describing ( I have my kids describe the cookie they make ).  This game comes with extendable spoons with suction cups on the end. Students choose a recipe card that has on of 4 recipes on it. Then you take the cookie cards ( which look like chocolate chip cookies, yum ) and spread them upside down on the table. Students take turns using the spoons to slap the cookie to pick it up and see if it is an ingredient they need. Watch out for rotten eggs which ruin your cookie batter and make you put all your cards back. First one to collect the ingredients for their cookie wins!


3. Don’t Spill the Beans

This one is an oldie by a goodie. Don’t Spill the Beans is a classic game that all my students enjoy. It is great for reinforcement for artic and language activities. For each sound production or question answered my kids get a bean. When the beans are gone they may play, taking turns adding their beans until the pot spills.


If you are looking for more games, click HERE to check out my other post of some of my fav non-speech games to use.

What are your favorite games to use in speech? I am always looking for more 🙂




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    1. Kelly, my kids love Cookin’ Cookies it has definitely been a life saver. Amazon can be a bit pricey so also check eBay or any thrift stores around you too, they always have some great finds.

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