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I am excited to share a new app with you today! Let’s Learn Emotions is the newest app by Everyday Speech. This app helps kids learn and understand different emotions through three different activities. With lots of different settings, you can customize the set up for your students.

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My kids really liked the Flashcards activity.  Students are shown a  photo of someone and asked to name the emotion being demonstrated. It helps students associate the facial cues with the specific emotions.   All you have to do is tap the picture and it turns around and tell you what the emotion is and the facial cues that help you identify it.

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The Matching Game is a great way to see what students have learned.  They are shown 3 pictures and given and emotion. Students need to match the correct picture to the emotion.  This is great for taking on data on identifying nonverbal cues.

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The Discussion Game helps to put their new found emotional knowledge to use!  Students are given an emotion and asked to talk about a time they felt that way.  This is awesome for working on group discussions.  I loved how I could add my own discussion questions too.  This was great because I could add in discussion questions about events that have been difficult for them to really tailor my sessions.
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You can also add your own emotions to the app as well. This is great for the hard ones that students need practice with. I loved being able to have my students demonstrate the emotion so they could use their own picture to identify it.

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So what do all these features mean? Lots and lots and lots of pragmatic practice for your students!  This app was such a great new addition to my iPad. It covers so many different pragmatic goals and is so flexible.  I can work on nonverbal cues and then move working on applying those skills in how to approach a conversation. I loved how this app used real pictures rather than drawings to identify emotions and that there were a good amount of emotions to practice with.  Don’t forget, you can add emotions as well so your library can keep growing!  It has a nice progression of activities too. You can start with flashcards, then move to matching, and finally discussions.  This app has so much to offer and is a total steal at $4.99!  You can download it from iTune HERE.


The wonderful people over at Everyday Speech have been crazy generous and given me TWO app code to giveaway!!!  You can enter the raffle below and two lucky winners will be chosen on Tuesday, October 14.


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7 Responses

  1. I work at a residential school for students with autism and other developmental disabilities. This app would be great in working with them to learn to identify emotions, an area in which many of my students struggle.

  2. I have many students on my caseload who have autism to some degree and also have goals related to identifying and expressing emotions, so this app would be another way to work on those skills.

  3. This sounds like a great app to use when working on emotions. I am always looking for new materials for my students with social communication difficulties.

  4. I would use this app to also address conversation skills such as, “What would you say to a friend who is feeling this way.”

  5. I have several kiddos on my caseload working on identifying emotions – and some are also working on which ZONE various feelings are in…eventually to work on talking about choices one can make to self-regulate. This looks like it would be a nice addition! Thanks!

  6. I have quite a few kiddos who could benefit from this! I work with preschoolers and they enjoy flashcard type activities, and of course anything on the iPad! I think they would love this!

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