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Prepositions, aka basic concepts, are something that I work on just about everyday with my students. Prepositions Remix by Smarty Ears is definitely a go to app of mine when this goal comes up. If you are new to this app, I would definitely check out the video tutorial. Just tap Support.

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You can adjust the settings to target a few specific concepts/prepositions or go for the whole group.  There are 20 different concepts targeted in this app.  You can also choose to have reinforcement audio, written cues, and the ability to the questions repeated. If a student answers incorrectly you can set the app to buzz, just keep going, or not do anything and leave all choices up. All you need to do is just enter in the student’s name and you are ready to go!

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When the target comes up there will be a verbal prompt and corresponding text at the bottom ( if you activated that  setting ).  The student must follow the directions and touch the object in the correct place.They must touch exactly where the direction stated.  This was hard for a few of my students at first, they would tap near the target, but quickly figured out that they needed to be precise.

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When they are correct, they get immediate auditory and visual feedback with a ding and ‘Well Done’.

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When your finished,  just tap done in the bottom right and you will be able to see the student’s data for that session. You can email or print the data if you need to. Just tap Share.

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I love this app! Having so many targets to 20 concepts/prepositions all in one portable app is great. I love using this with my RtI students since I can travel from room to room with all I need, including data collection.  It is definitely a must have app if you work on basic concepts/prepositions.

You can add this app to your iPad for $9.99, just visit iTunes.  Or…. you can win a copy!  Smarty Ears has generously given me two copies of Preposition Remix to raffle off!! Just enter below and two lucky people will be chosen on Monday 🙂
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  1. Thinks looks like a great app for positional concepts! I am always looking for new ways to work on those concepts.

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