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Verbs can be a tough area to work on with students.  Luckily, Smarty Ears has an app to help with that!  iPractice Verbs is an app that let’s students learn and practice their skills using regular and irregular verbs.

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Set up, of course, is a breeze.  Just enter in the students name and have them choose an avatar or upload a picture. To select a player, you can select up to 4, just tap on them. Their picture color will change to purple.

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You can also adjust the settings by tapping the Settings tab. You can choose to have the incorrect responses removed or have a buzz noise play.  You can also choose to Modify the Database which allows you to select or deselect specific words.  There are tabs that allow you to turn on the text on the bottom of the screen off  and if you want to have tracking buttons on or not.

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There are two activities you can choose from, Flashcards and Find It. After you choose your activity, you can decide if you want to work on regular verbs, irregular verbs, or both. You can also select or deselect how many and which words you want to target in each group.

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Now you are ready to go! In the Flashcards activity, a picture is shown with a verb. If you have the Display Text  feature on a target word, phrase, or sentence will be at the bottom in case your student needs an example.

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In the Find It activity, you can choose what verb ( regular/irregular ), tense, and at what level you want your student to work at.  A set of 4 pictures is shown and a verbal prompt is given. The student needs to choose the picture that makes the verb.

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As students answer questions correctly they earn stars.  After they earn 10 stars they receive a sticker for their page!

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When you are done, just tap Done and you will be able to see the students results. You can print or email the results if you need to.

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One of my favorite features in this app is the included homework! Yes, included! You can just find the sheet you want and either email it to the parent ( and save a tree ) or print it and send it home.

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The Gist

Overall, iPractice Verbs is a great app that offers visuals and practice for an area a lot students struggle with.  With two different activities to choose from it will help you target your student’s specific needs.  With lots of options for customization, you can really tailor the app to fit your student’s level.  The stickers that students earn reminded me of gaming cards, like Pokemon, and we all know how much kids like those. Easy data collection will help you track their progress and monitor their skills.  One of the best features to me was the homework.  To have pre-made homework that uses the same information and presentation that students just worked on was wonderful.  I also liked being able either send the homework and save a tree or print it out and send it home.

You can add this app to your iPad by visiting iTunes, it’s just $ 9.99. Or…. you can win a copy! Smarty Ears has generously given me a copy to raffle off for one lucky person. Just enter the giveaway below. The winner will be announced on Saturday 🙂 Good Luck!

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Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to complete a review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.


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17 Responses

  1. I love that it includes present, future & past tenses. Looks like another fabulous app from Smarty Ears! It would be such a blessing to have this to use with our patients at the JD McCarty Center. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  2. There are a couple things that I like about the app. I like how the students are given a field of four pictures and have to identify the picture representing the correct verb tense. I also love apps that track data. The homework feature looks neat. I find it so much easier to email parents or print directly from the iPad than taking books to the copy machine. This app looks awesome!

  3. I like that this app has more than one activity, targets multiple verb tenses, and allows for data collection.

  4. I like that you can work on regular and irregular verbs at the same time. I also like the homework pages!

  5. Many of my students have difficulties in this area and I love that it’s one more way to motivate them. Having homework ready to go is a huge plus as well.

  6. I like the visuals in this app, sometimes it can be hard for students to identify the VERB in pictures but these look great!

  7. This app looks great for verbs. The pictures are awesome and I love that you can chose different verb tenses.

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