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We all know that April is Autism Awareness Month.   So, I was so excited when all4mychild asked if I wanted to review their IMAGINE Checklist.  This checklist is an observational assessment of  7 different areas of social communication and interaction for children ages 4-10.  You can find information about the developmental norms by tapping on the Developmental Norms tab.


This app simple and smart!  Set up is super easy. Enter in your information ( it saves time later ) and the student’s name, gender, and birthday and you’re done.

  photo 1

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Once your information is entered, you will be able to go the checklist.  This checklist allows you to track 7 different areas of social language and interactions: Initiating Interactions, Maintaining Interactions, Advocating and Compromising, Getting Regulated, Interpreting Nonverbals, Negotiating Space, and Experiencing Humor. Did you see that it spells out IMAGINE? Clever 😉   Just tap the area you want to look at first.

photo 7

You will be taken to a grid with many statements related to that area and a 1-5 scoring system.  Read the statement and think about the student.  Tap where you feel their skills fall and a red check mark will appear in the box.  You can make more than one box for a statement in you need to. There are also spaces to mark Not Addressed/Observed and to make Notes.

photo 6

Once you have completed the grid, tap the arrow in the upper left.  This will take you back to the screen with all the areas.  Tap the next area you want to assess or go down and tap the menu tab. Here is where you can view the report that the app makes ( this is where your personal info from earlier came into play ) or save and generate it.


photo 8

If you are ready to generate and save, you will get a screen that allows you enter in some key information to the report. You can add background information, a summary of the assessment, and any treatment goals or objectives you may have.  Then, all you need to do is tap the PDF tab in the lower right and you can generate the PDF, print or send it, or save it.

As time goes on you may choose to use the checklist to progress monitor students for certain areas.  As long as you save the checklist it will be in the student’s file. That way, when you want to review progress, you can just tap the student’s name and bring up the information.

Final Thoughts

This app is very helpful for gathering data on students with pragmatic difficulties. Sometimes it is difficult to give a percentage to something, like how well they respond to sarcasm.  Having a checklist as a rating scale helps to show progress of skills in a measurable way, but with some flexibility.  The areas are detailed and organized nicely into their areas.  The only thing I would like to see in an update  is better defined scoring. In the grid, number 1 states that this would be an action that needed significant support and 5 is independent. I would like to see maybe a definition for 3, as a mid way point.  However, you can simply mark your choice and make a notation in the Notes section as to why you chose that number. Overall, this is a great resource to have for progress monitoring.

You can add this app to your iPad by visiting iTunes. It is $9.99. 



*Disclaimer: This app was provided for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. 



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