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When I got the opportunity to review a presentation from Smart Speech Therapy LLC, I was super excited. I am a big fan of this blog, there is always great information backed up by research. The presentation I want to share today is ‘Treatment of Social Pragmatic Deficits in School-Aged Children’. This in an area that I always feel I can never have enough information on. This presentation has 53 slides full of information and ideas.
Now I know what your thinking, “Presentation? Isn’t that just for conferences?”.  Think again my friends 🙂  Why do we attend conferences? For the presentations, so that we can learn and take that information back to our jobs and apply it. The wonderful thing about Smart Speech Therapy, is that she has created presentations full of that wonderful and useful information but you don’t have to worry about reserving a whole to brave traffic and parking to get it. This presentation really gives you the information you need. I have seen other presentations that spend way to much time on background information when what you really want is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of it all. This presentation does just that. You get the background you need to re-fresh your memories and the applicable information that you want. 

This presentation started off by discussing potential pragmatic deficits that you may see in school setting and then the steps necessary to creating an intervention.  Things were broken down into simple bullets that gave me the information I wanted in a concise step by step format.  My favorite section was ‘Intervention Approaches’. This provided me with sooooo much information about all the different potential methods there are for addressing social skills. Each method discussed gives you information about what that particular approach targets, as well as, quick information with ideas for implementation. Exactly what I needed!

There was information on:
Behavior Management
– Modified Play Therapy
– Social Skills Training
– Modified Cognitive Behavior Therapy ( CBT )
– and more. 

After going through this presentation I feel much more comfortable with the expectations of social skills therapy and using behavior strategies. Before, I felt I had a decent grasp on the subject, but now I feel like I have a better of understanding of how to carry out these strategies to best serve my students.

Another great aspect was how certain resources for information and materials were highlighted so I knew what was available if I wanted to focus on a particular method. This was so helpful because sometimes it takes me quite a while searching on Google before I find what I need or spends to much time on one material before I realize it is not what I need. Finally, this presentation has numerous sources cited throughout it. I always like to see this because you know the information you are reading and preparing to utilize has been researched and sorted through to make sure it is appropriate and applicable  That is something I can always count on from Smart Speech Therapy.

This is just a taste of the many presentations that are available at Smart Speech Therapy’s store. Make sure you follow her on Facebook to stay up to date about new information and giveaways. You can also check out her blog for insightful information

Now for a giveaway!!!  Tatyana from Smart Speech Therapy and I are hosting giveaways for the materials we reviewed.  Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win both of the book companions review by Smart Speech Therapy and don’t forget to enter the giveaway on her blog to double your chances to win 🙂  A winner will be selected on Friday morning, Good Luck!

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  1. Every year I have students who need social skills and language group and it is a struggle to come up with ideas sometimes…I can’t wait to check out this presentation. Also, would love the chance to use the book companions! 🙂

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