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Ok, so my kiddo who I was hoping to work on Following Directions Fitness with was sick today. So, I decided to share a quick tip of mine instead. 

These are some major category bowls from a categorization activity of mine “Ice Cream Categories”. It’s on my Teachers Pay Teacher store ‘The Speech Bubble’.

We all know how nice it is when products come with blank cards, pages, pieces, etc. But it is expensive and time consuming to keep printing out blanks to accomodate our kids. Well, do I have a nice little trick for you!

and of course I included blank pages 🙂

The first thing I have to say is laminate, laminate, laminate.  Did I mention you should laminate?  Not only does it help preserve activities as your students use them but it makes clean up a breeze.  Most SLPs have access to a dry erase board, and  if you do, that means you have some dry erase markers on hand. Thats all you need! Some dry erase markers and either an eraser, or paper towels and some Expo spray and your set.

Now you can customize pages, cards, whatever you may need.  Just write what ever it is you need using a dry erase marker.  Here I made another category I needed to make for a student. Please don’t judge my handwriting to harshly.
Then, when you’re done using your newly customized materials or you need to change them, a quick swipe of the eraser and your ready to go for next time.


It saves a lot of trees, trust me.  Most schools can laminate materials for you, but if your building can’t or won’t allow you to, you can get a personal laminating machine from Walmart for about $30. I invested in one ( 3M brand ) when I was in grad school and it has served me well over the years. The laminating pouches can be kind of pricey so I would recommend going to Costco or Sam’s Club and buying them in bulk. Paying $20 for 200 is a lot nicer than $15 for 25.  
Well, I hope this has helped some of you and as soon as I have some feedback I will let you know what my kids thought of Following Directions Fitness.


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  1. I laminate EVERYTHING. But, another trick is page protectors if you can’t get things laminated in time…slip the paper into the protector and it’s possible to use the dry erase markers and just wipe off.

    On a side note, my districts have always had a laminator accessible. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting my own.

    Talking With Rebecca

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