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Jenna over at Speech Room News is hosting another Love it & List it Linky, so of course I had to join in the fun. We all love to be organized! I wanted to share my top 3 organization must haves with you.


1.  A Good Planner

Having a planner, binder, something to help you write down your schedules, screenings, evals, etc. is essential. I splurged this year and got an Erin Condren planner (  I use it for work and home ) that I pair with my Speech Therapy Organization and Data Binder.  This helps me keep all my dates, shedules, and important forms neat, organized and in one place ( well two 😉 ).

  photo (2)

2. Speech Table Basket

I am always reaching for pens, post its, tissues, tape, etc. I keep a little basket full of essentials on my speech table so I am not getting up all the time to grab them. This way I can keep my therapy going and kids on schedule. I got the basket in the picture recently at Target. My other had seen better days.


3. File Folder Tubs

I saw similar tubs/bins used in a post on Crazy Speech World and was in love! I was trying to figure out how to store all my TpT activities in an easy to access, but contained way. I went to Walmart and saw these beauties for $7 bucks each! They have an inner edge that will hold file hangers. I allocated each tub for a specific area and made a sign that I laminated and taped inside stating what the tub was for and the types of activities inside. I had some cloth bins before that were over flowing and not organzied at all! This year I feel this will be a lot easier to find 🙂



What do you use to organize your speech room?



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13 Responses

  1. I LOVE your bins! Would you be able to show us all of your categories? I was thinking of creating something similar….I have items in a binder but I think this would better suit all of my TpT materials.

    1. Hi Jill, I can definitely post pictures of the other bins and categories. I will do that on my Facebook page on Monday when I am back school and get those shots 🙂 I really like having everything more contained, it is just so much tidier that my old method.

    1. Hi Polline 🙂 I love Ned’s Head, it is so versatile! You can play the game as it comes as a reinforcement activity but I also like to take the items out of Ned’s Head and put in artic cards for the students to grab. There just must be something about reaching inside a giant ear, ha. I will also put different items in Ned’s Head: small plastic animals, school supplies, plastic food, etc. The students will have to reach in, grab an object, and either describe it to me or keep it hidden and describe it to the other students. I hope that is helpful to you and thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  2. Just hoping you might have posted your a picture of your bins! I tried to look for them on facebook, but didn’t see any. I love the idea of bins for various concepts (pragmatics, artic, language, etc.) – I’m struggling a bit to figure out how I want to organize and so far I love yours! if you can share what categories your bins are that would be fantastic!


    1. Hi Jenn 🙂 A picture of the plastic bins I use is pictured in the post. I have mine organized by ‘main content area’ first such as Receptive Language. Then I will list the sub categories that the bin will contain such as Following Directions, Answering Questions, etc. I do have multiples of some bins because I have a lot more of certain materials than others. I hope that helps! I also have a video on my You Tube channel on how I store my TpT materials.

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