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Thank you Maureen for allowing me to be a guest blogger on your website! I love sharing my ideas with others and hope that this is helpful in your therapy room.


I wanted to share with you one of my favorite therapy supplies and an example of how I use it. I love the small sticky tabs that are available at your local office supply store. They are perfect for adding a bit of excitement to a somewhat boring activity. The students love sticking and moving them around by themselves.

Many students with expressive language delays have difficulty explaining steps to complete a task in the correct sequence or retelling a story in the correct order. Teaching these students to use the key sequencing terms can help them keep the order of the steps correct. I start by writing “first”, “next”, “then”, and “finally” on the sticky tabs. I use a different colors for each word.


We start the lesson by laying out in the correct order a set of sequencing cards. Next I have the student place the correct tabs above each part of the sequence cards. I then model how the sequence should sound emphasizing the sequence words for each step. I have the student repeat the sequence. We practice using a variety of sequence cards and I fade the prompts to cues as they become more comfortable with the sequence.

After they are able to sequence the pictures correctly and use the sequencing words without cues we move on to more independent practice using worksheets. They first number the pictures in the correct order and then add the sticky tabs in the correct places. Finally they explain the sequence using the correct key words. I let them take the tabs home on an index card so they can use them as reminders in class. I encourage them to use the card with the sticky tabs on it as a bookmark so they can remember the steps in reading class.

If you are interested in finding out what else is happening in The Speech Place follow my website or on Instagram “thespeechplace”. I also have a Facebook page: Please share in the comments any great ways you use sticky tabs in your therapy room.



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2 Responses

  1. I like the idea of getting them to sequence the tabs too! I was wondering if you could recommend what some of your favourite sequence card sets are and where you get your sequencing worksheets from. Thanks!

    1. Personally I like to use the app Sequencing with Milo, Language Quest, and Smarty Ears has a new sequencing app that looks great. As for cards sets and worksheets I would check linguisystems and Teachers pay Teachers. 🙂

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