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Valentine’s Day Expressive Language is finished! There are 4 activities and a total of 198 stimulus cards!  I am really excited about these activities. Here are some pictures and descriptions.

The first activity is called ‘How Sweet It Is’.  This focuses on having students ask questions.  This originally was an area I did not address with my students. However, after reading some research I was curious. I did a bit of probing of these skills and was shocked when my student’s struggled. This activity has 96 cards and gives the students the answer to a WH- question. Then, they must form a correct WH question for the response on the card.  (Think Jeopardyish). Example: Card says- doctor. The student would then give the question: “Who do you go to when your sick?”  Cards are marked with the question type in the lower right hand corner. There is also a question reference mat. 

The next activity is ‘Secret Admirer’. This activity focuses on pronouns.  The student reads the sentence and then determines which pronoun fits in the blank. There are two choices for each card. The pronouns addressed are: I, me, she, he, him, her. There are 36 cards and 12 reinforcement cards.

‘Your Wish Is My Command’, addresses giving directions. There are 36 cards and 12 reinforcement cards. Each card has 2-3 words that the student must a direction with.  Example: card says- table, touch. Student may create the direction, ” Touch the table.”

This final activity is one that I am super excited about! This describing activity has 30 cards and 12 reinforcement cards.  Each card has a targeted word on it. The student must describe the targeted word using at least three different components.  There is a data chart included that allows you to check off which components the student uses for each target. I recommend making copies and laminating the data sheets so that you do not need to print copies every time.  Then you can use a dry eraser board marker to check off the components and when your done a bit of expo spray and a paper towel will clean it up nicely. 


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3 Responses

  1. I was super lucky to preview this packet! It is so much fun with a lot of cute graphics. I love the variety of activites and functionality of it!

  2. Carly, I am so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    Vicky: I was going through some research papers on ASHA and it was mentioned in a paper on Expressive Language Delays and Disorders in Students With Severe Learning Disabilities. It mentioned that this is an over looked area that they struggle with. I do not have it book marked anymore but I can try and find the link if you would like. Searching the ASHA archives would be another way to find it.

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