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I was so excited to do this post. I was able to review a material from an SLP blogger that I love, Kristine Lamb from Live Love Speech.  Her materials are always so creative and target areas in such an engaging way. I have several of her materials in my speech room night now. The activity I got to use with my students was Skiing into Vocabulary. This activity has 80 cards ( that’s right 80! ) that target building a student’s vocabulary through higher level thinking skills. No ‘tell me what ____ means’ in this game!  I used this activity with my students who had not just vocabulary goals but goals for synonyms, antonyms, and syntax.

How to play: All students playing are given an equal amount of cards. They are to keep the cards in a pile, face down, in front of them. Students take turns choosing the top card from their deck and unscrambling the word, using the provided definition as a clue. Students put their cards off to the side, still face down after they have unscrambled the word.  After all the cards have been used, students will discard their cards into the center of the table at the same time. When two discarded cards match pictures, the first student yell out ‘match’ or the matching pictures on the card: glove, tree, ski, etc., gets the pile. The student with the most cards wins!

How we used it: I followed the directions and separated the cards equally between the students. I really liked how the definitions on the cards were straight forward, easy to understand, and hand examples.  My students really liked unscrambling the words. It is helpful that the first letter of the word is already underlined for the student to get started. My kids really enjoyed this activity. They felt very proud of themselves when they unscrambled the word. One of my students said , ” Wow, my brain got a work out!”.  The vocabulary used is definitely classroom applicable. Several times students mentioned that they heard that word in reading or social studies. Woohoo, connection to text and class work! When my students unscrambled a word, I had them tell me a synonym or antonym for the word, if applicable. I would also asked them to use the word in a sentence to assess for proper syntax, depending on their goals.  When all the cards were used I had students flip their cards over into the middle, one at a time, and look for a possible match. I know this deviated from the game play in the instructions, but the group I was working with required a bit of modification. The game adapted just fine with my needs. The kids really enjoyed getting the pairs!

Here is a close up of some of the cards. I loved the graphics and the text was easy to read. 

A quick pic during game play 🙂

Check out Kristine’s blog Live Love Speech for more awesome activities and ideas. You can grab Skiing into Vocabulary at her Teachers Pay Teachers store. And don’t forget to follow her on Facebook. She shares her latest activities and ideas, not to mention sales, freebies, and giveaways!  


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