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The name  Pronouns Heroes says is nice and loud that this app has a great superhero theme that students will enjoy!  Smarty Ears new app has a large variety of pronouns are addressed in this app, some of  the types included are: personal subjective, personal objective, demonstrative, possessives, and reflexive.


After you set up your students by adding their name and selecting a picture or avatar, you can choose which activity you want to start with. There are two to choose from, ‘What are Pronouns?’ and ‘Pronoun Types’.  Each activity has an explanation of pronouns specific to the activities your students are about to play. Just swipe through the slides and read the information to your students. You can also  read a detailed explanation about each activity by tapping on the “i” in the top right corner of each activity box.


In ‘What are Pronouns?’ you have two activity choices, ‘Where is the Pronoun?’ and ‘Which one is not a Pronoun?’. In “Where is the Pronoun?” you can choose from working on identifying pronouns either choosing from words or picking them out of a sentence.




In ‘Pronoun Types’ you can choose from ‘Find the Picture’ and ‘Let’s use Pronouns’. In ‘Find the Picture’, student are given two pictures and a pronoun. They need to choose which picture represents the pronoun.  In ‘Let’s use Pronouns’, you can choose from lots of pronoun combinations for each student. Students are then shown a picture a sentence with the pronoun missing. The must drag the correct pronoun into the space.





When you’re done, just tap DONE and you will be taken to the report page where you can see each student and view their data. I really like how the data is formatted in a nice graph. You know me, I love my visuals.

The Wrap Up

Pronoun Heroes has 4 activities to target pronouns. Bonus, two of the four activities can be customized by you! I like how this was a multiplayer app too. Each player can work at their own level while data is kept for each student. The superhero comic style of the app is a definite plus. Many of my students are super into superheroes and comics so this really draws them in. A superhero reinforcement game would be a great upgrade in the future and definitely help to motivate my kids.  I love all the practice that is possible with this app and all the different levels that there are to choose from. The use of visuals is great in helping kids understand the concepts of these pronouns. The awesome people at Smarty Ears have been very generous and given me an extra copy to giveaway, so make sure you enter the raffle below. If you just can’t wait and want this totally awesome app now, you can download it on iTunes for just $14.99.
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5 Responses

  1. I just LOVE Smarty Ears apps and their apps are my “go to” apps as they are fun, engaging, yet teach skills that my students need, AND they provide useful data for me! I have many students on my caseload who are on the autism spectrum, and pronouns seem to be a continual challenge for them. This would be one more way to work on this skill in a fun way.

  2. I think my students would love the superheros. I have several young elementary students who are working on grammar skills, pronouns in particular. I like how this app addresses a variety of pronouns, not just a specific set.

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