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I am linking up with Shannon over at Speechy Musings to share my speech room staples. In her post she brought up a good point, with so many items on TpT it can get overwhelming and while the Top Rated products are great, there are other activities out there that can fit your needs just as well. It is just a matter of finding them. Click the image below to see what other SLPs like to use.


Here are some of the activities that make a frequent appearance in my speech room!

1. Language Dice by The Buckeye Speech Path


I love using these! There is something for just about every area and with lots of different targets on one page, it is like a new game each time. The fact that there is no prep is even better. I have my students play using Chipper Chat chips

2. Mad Scientist Inferencing by Kristine Lamb


I really like this inferencing activity.  There are a variety of questions and situations that are applicable for my students.  We use other inferencing activities, but this one always reappears.

3. 1-2-3- Step Directions Heart Pops by Lindsey Karol


I absolutely love these!  I use them every week it seems. There are so many that we can fill our sessions and having the different levels is such a life saver. The directions are fun which engages my kids and gets some giggles going.


4. Context Clues Packet Using Tier Vocabulary by Nicole Allison


When it comes to context clues this is my go to!  The tiered levels are great. It means I can start with the right amount of support and phase it out as they learn the skill. There are so many words it takes a while to get through the cards. They are also great for refreshers when my students seem but rusty.


Here are 2 of my activities that may be useful in your room…

1. Sweet Syntax


This is an activity I use quite a bit with my kiddos.  It comes in handy working on those tricky is/are  or was/were skills. with 280 cards it gives them plenty of practice and the candy theme means I can bring it out at anytime of the year. There are two different activities for students to play and they are flexible for you to incorporate them with other games.

2. Build-a-Burger Multiple Meaning Words


Multiple meaning words can be tricky. By making the burger, students can see how one word can have two different meanings. There are 40 words with two definitions each in this activity. Students need to match up the the correct top and bottom bun with the right word (patty).  I recently added a pre/post-test for this activity, making it perfect as an intervention for multiple meaning words and/or demonstrating progress.

What activities do you use that I should know about?

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