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I have gotten requests and questions from so many of you asking when and if my Speech and Language  Organization and Data Binder would be updated.  Well, it is finally here!!!  After feedback and some tinkering I am thrilled to show you around and tell you about what’s new 😀

Data and Information Binder

First up, there are new cover choices.  A lot of people said they loved the binder but the cover choices weren’t great for their setting if they worked with older students. Well, problem solved! Now there are 5 covers to choose from.  The original one is still there but now there are some with some flare and ones that are simple and chic.  There is also a more general cover.  It simply says ‘Organization and Data Binder’ for other professions who  want to enjoy some cute organization.


There are also new cover pages for the sections.


Also added was a new Welcome to Speech sign and 2 Speech Graduate certificates.  The certificates are the same but one has a glitter background and one is plain. Let’s hear it for ink saving options!



There are simpler version of the Welcome to Speech letter for older students to take home.


And all the calendars have a new, updated look and go through 2016!!!


Don’t worry though, even though I have done some updating the same great organization forms that you love are still there 🙂

To see more, check out this VIDEO

If you have already purchased the binder in the past, make sure you go and re-download. You don’t have to reprint the whole thing, just the parts you want 🙂  If you feel like you want to be more organized this year, and want to do it in style, then you can click HERE.

I am so happy with how the updates came out that I would love to give 2 lucky winners each a copy!  Enter below and 2 winners will be chosen on Friday ( Yes, that’s the 4th of July ).
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Hey there! I’m Maureen Wilson, a school-base SLP who is data driven and caffeine powered. My passion is supporting other pediatric SLPs by teaching them how to harness the power of literacy and data to help their students achieve their goals…without sacrificing time they don’t have.

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40 Responses

  1. The hardest thing about staying organized is finding the time to devote to maintaining any organizational system I put in place. Id love to try using your materials!

  2. The hardest part is being in three schools, getting to one school, and remembering I forgot something.

  3. The hardest thing about organization for me is staying organized. I’m really good at the initial organization but when I get busy I tend to let things slide again!

  4. I also have a hard time staying organized between 3 different schools! And staying organized! I would love to have a professional organizer, for my whole life! Lol

  5. The hardest part for me is making sure I send off copies to the right places (district office, families), and remembering that I did send it off.

  6. The hardest part of being organized is just keeping track of all the paper! Oh, and finding time to track everything I want to track.

  7. The hardest thing for me is finding a ‘plan’ before the beginning of school…and then remembering all the little things. Last year was my best organizational year yet….I keep searching for new ideas to add to my ‘plan’!

  8. My office is very small so finding a place for everything without being cluttered is the hardest part.
    Great product!

  9. The hardest part of organization for me is that I develop systems that are too time consuming to keep up with! I’d love to try your system.

  10. The hardest part about being organized is not getting overwhelmed with the chaos. Prioritizing and staying on top of due dates/paperwork is essential!

  11. I always start out the year organized, but life gets crazy and it’s difficult to maintain that organization! This binder would definitely be helpful with that. I’ve always tried to remember that if everything has a specific place, it’s more likely to find it’s home, even in busy, rushed times.

  12. I just haven’t found a system that has worked well, so every year it seems like I change it. I would love to have this organization tool to help me start off the new school year!

  13. Keeping all the paperwork organized when I travel between buildings and don’t have a desk at any of them!

  14. I consider myself an organized person, but I usually attempt to use something to organize myself only to find I don’t like it and therefore don’t use it OR I get too busy and can’t continue to use it. This product is awesome and would definitely be put to good use.

  15. The hardest part is staying organized. I start off strong and lose it in January. It is hard to get it back together!

  16. I think the hardest thing about staying organized is traveling between 4 campuses and realizing you forgot that one important item.

  17. I bought your planner last summer and it was an excellent tool for staying organized this past year. I printed the cover pages on card stock and laminated them, then copied the rest of the pages I needed back to back on regular paper, and finally took the planner to an office supply store to be bound. It was beautiful and I received many compliments from my fellow teachers. You have forms specific to SLPs that can’t be found in other planners. Thank you so much for providing your updated pages at no cost to folks who previously purchased your planner!

    1. Hi Tammie,
      What I good idea you had putting together your planner that way! Feel free to send me a picture, I would love to post it so others could see how they might like to assemble theirs 🙂

  18. Having too many places (binders, to-do lists, monthly calendar) to keep things written down. Would love something useful that can consolidate everything.

  19. This looks like a system I could actually use as I move back and forth between different schools. Looks like I could have it all in one not so hefty place.

  20. The hardest part is keeping track of all the timelines and since we do all our own paperwork, it’s stressful trying to make sure I get meeting notices out with plenty of RSVP time.

  21. Staying organized! I can get an organizational system in place, but I get lazy with keeping it up.

  22. The hardest part of being organized is staying organized. I start the school year off great, with all my dates, logs, etc. and then as the year progresses, I get behind, lose track, become unorganized. I need a better system for keeping track and this organizer seems as if it might do the trick for me.

  23. For me, its a continual process of being organized. I make my own organizational stuff but what you have is awesome! Having moved to a new classroom it will take me EXTRA time to get organized this year.

  24. I’m starting my CFY in August and the hardest part of being organized is starting the process and figuring out the logistics of it all. Once it’s in place, I can execute. I need to start *everything* from scratch… ahh it’s overwhelming!


  25. The hardest thing for me to organize is all the materials that I create and download from TPT. I have stacks and stacks of things to laminate and/or file by the end of the year. The second, and more important, organization difficulty is my ongoing battle with data management and collation. Things are getting better since our online IEP program keeps track (and emails me!) about re-evals due and IEP expirations. Now if I could get those pesky RTI folks to keep me updated with their data!

  26. The hardest part about being organized is staying with the plan and having it flexible enough to expand as things change.

  27. I always start out feeling like I’m organized and then get overwhelmed and realize that my system isn’t working for me. It’s hard to find a system that’s not too time consuming and that is flexible enough to adapt to my needs.

  28. Love this! Can take so long to get it all set up. But it sure makes life easier once organization is in place.

  29. The hardest thing for me is having one system that I can use to help me at the two schools that I have. I have tried a few systems and nothing has been able to last through the year. Hopefully this will be the year that the system I use sticks.

  30. It’s hard for me to pick a system and stick with it – I’m too inconsistent! Phone, post it notes, planner, random scraps of paper – just no bueno haha! Thanks for giveaway 🙂

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