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I have a few students who do great during speech sessions.  They have finally nailed their tongue and lip placement!  However, as soon as my back is turned it all disappears!  So what to do?  I have them participate in my Artic Challenge.


How does it work you ask? The student sits at my table while I stand at the white board with a marker and my back to them.  I have them read a phrase or sentence.  I write down EXACTLY what they say. If they substitute a sound, I write the word with the substitution. If they omit, I omit. If they distort, I spell with a distortion.  A lot of my students lack awareness that when they alter a sound it can change a word or how they are understood.

Here is the challenge part.  For every sentence they say, that I hear and write correctly, they get a point.  If I write a sentence that does not match what is on the card or iPad ( whatever the sentence is on ), I get a point.  If they can get 10 points before out time is over they win! I will usually do the challenge as the last part of my session after we have gotten some practice in.

I have also done this with my 5 minute artic students. I just bring a whiteboard with me and we sit back to back.


Do you do anything similar in your speech room?




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4 Responses

  1. I like this idea! I do challenges with my artic students all the time!! I usually do them when we are working at the word level and I challenge them to say the sound 100 times. I have a bunch of little challenge freebies up in my TPT store. I like yours! It is so simple and can be quickly added to any session!

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