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Back at ASHA I met a lot of awesome people, including Erik Raj.  This hard working and super creative SLP has a new app availabe to help you target artic!


Listen Close is a fun and different articulation app that gets your kiddos working their sounds and memories at the same time!  All you need to do to start is pick sound.


After you have chosen your sound you can choose position and type ( if applicable ).


Once you have made your selections you will see, and hear, your list of words with the choice to Play Game Now or Try New Words.  Clicking new words will, you guessed it, give you a different list of words.


Once you have chosen a list you will see this screen with some happy kids ready to start. After a countdown from 3, your first kiddo with say one of the words from the list.  Your student’s job  is to repeat the word, using their good speech sounds of course, and tap the kiddo who spoke.  If the student taps the correct kiddo,  another sequence using the words you selected will start.  The more correct responses the harder the sequences become.  They start with just one word and get more challenging with each correct answer.  Who can remember to most ?!


If a student taps the wrong sequence they will be directed back to this screen. It gives a score and a choice to either try the same list again or get a new list of words.



If you click the ‘ i ‘ on the home screen you will get some information about the app. If you click the smiley face you will get to learn about the man behind the app.  It turns out Erik Raj and share a love of ice cream 🙂  I thought this was a great addition that would be a fun away to get some spontaneous speech and conversation from your students.

This app is fun and engaging.  It can be used for articulation but also to target auditory memory. I am a huge fan of any app that does double duty!

If you want to see this app in action you can check out a demo HERE.  If you want to add it to you speech room, head on over to iTunes, it’s only $4.99!

Now, not only is Erik Raj crazy creative, he is crazy generous!  He is giving a lucky winner a copy of Listen Close, plus his 3 other amazing apps, plus a $10 iTunes gift card!  Well, I couldn’t let him have all the fun so I am including my iPod Auditory Memory, License Plate Listening Comprehension, and Listening Comprehension Screenings!  A winner will be chosen on Saturday.  Good Luck 🙂


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18 Responses

  1. I love the duality of artic practice plus auditory memory practice all in one task! Adds a great layer of challenge that kids will love!

  2. I love this app because it is a fun and exciting way for kids to practice their articulation skills. I think the auditory memory will be an added bonus for several of my students!

  3. I love this app because it looks like a FUN way to sneak in articulation practice and work on some auditory memory at the same time.

  4. I like this app because of its dual purpose and because it looks like it would be a lot of fun. I love the challenge it would present to my students.

  5. I really like that the targets are presented by some “happy kids”. My kiddos may be more willing to attempt the word after hearing it from them. The use of the auditory memory aspect will help keep them engaged. Love it!

  6. I love the extra something this app has…Ouse articulation station a lot but my kids get bored with it after a while and were at the ‘awhile’ point of the school year!

  7. I love that this app makes a game out of articulation practice! My students are super competitive and would have so much while practicing their sounds!

  8. I really appreciate the versatility of this app. Even though it’s mainly for articulation, I could use it with my language kids as well. I also love that it’s a new twist on an articulation activity. I think that’s what Erik Raj does best – creative new twists for therapy!

  9. This app is on my ‘wish list’–it looks like fun for students and will help meet a variety of needs, not just articulation.

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