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Glyph. It is more than just a funny word. I had no idea what a glyph was until last year when one of the LD teachers I co-teach with introduced me to them. They were cute, fun, and effective!  I could target so much with just one activity, and anything that allows me to do that gets two big thumbs up from me. So this year, I decided to take a crack at making some geared towards speech. Check out these adorable Halloween Speech Glyphs!

  Halloween Speech Glyphs

Most glyphs are cut and paste activities that are decorated a certain way based on a student’s response to a question.  We know that we only get so much time with our students and that every minute counts, so these glyphs are just  respond and color.


There are four different glyphs to choose from: synonyms, antonyms, categories, and irregular past tense verbs.


Students follow the directions on the page. If they answer correctly they may color the area where the word is the corresponding color (just use the Coloring Key). If they answer incorrectly, they leave the area white. As an alternative, you can have a designated ‘incorrect’ color for students to use if you don’t want them to leave the space white.

You can grab this activity at my TpT store.  If you want to look at more glyphs you can find a bunch on of ideas on Pinterst.


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  1. I love using glyphs in therapy! I agree that you can target a wide variety of communication skills. My students love them! Thanks for sharing yours.

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