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It is that time of year! Back to school means new crayons and pencils, scheduling, and kids. So what better way to celebrate back to school than with a speechie blog  hop!


Your favorite speech bloggers have gotten together to make back to school a bit more fun. Follow the blogs to collect some wonderful freebies and clues.  Each blog will have a link to a freebie and letter.  Unscramble the letters to make  words and enter them into the Rafflecopter on the last blog.  Here are the AMAZING prizes you can win:





And here is my FREEBIE to you, a back to school pragmatic board game.  Happy Hopping!


Simply print off the board game and cards and laminate.



Have students roll dice and move around the board. They must use their knowledge of  *’Expected vs Unexpected Behaviors’ to answer if the behavior stated in the square is expected or unexpected.  These behaviors range from classroom, to hallway, to buss behaviors.


Every time they pass ‘Start’ or land on a ‘School Supply’ square they may collect a school supply card.  The student with the most cards wins!  You can download this game HERE.

Now this is my clue for you.   Slide3

Follow the links below to continue through the hop.  Thanks for hopping 🙂








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